If you are feeling “stuck” in your life, despite doing everything you can to move forward, you probably need to forgive.

Forgive what?

There are three levels of forgiveness: Forgiving God, forgiving others and forgiving yourself, and they are all connected. If you need to forgive in one area, all three are affected.

When we withhold forgiveness, the Universe withholds from us, it’s that simple. To open up the floodgates, you must forgive and forgive and forgive. That’s why Christ said “70 times 7” is the amount we need to forgive.

forgiveness-is-a-gift-to-your-heart That’s why I created a new teleseries to help you do this.

 It’s called “Get Unstuck! Forgive God, Forgive Others, Forgive    Yourself” and it takes place on 4 Wednesdays beginning Sept 2nd  at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT.

You will learn how to identify any areas where you are holding back and how to let go with grace.

Mother Mary will be guiding us in this process each week, freeing up your energy so you can begin to manifest what you really want. Here is what you’ll receive:

– How to Use Prayer to Free Yourself from Resentments and “Stored Pain”

– How to Use the Quantum Process to Accelerate Your Ability to Forgive

– Incredible Insights as to Why You are Where You are, and What You Can Do about it

Improved Relationships, with God, others and yourself

This teleclass is $149, BUT if you register before midnight on Tuesday, Sept 1st, you can join for just $97!!

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AND if you REALLY want to pinpoint where you need help with forgiveness, you can add on a 30 minute reading with Mother Mary for just $149 (regularly $175) – for a total of $249

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