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Money is such an important topic. It touches every aspect of our lives. That’s why I am devoting all four episodes in October to money and how you can begin to experience money miracles.

Do you ever worry about money? If so, you are not alone. Worrying about money seems to be something that just about everyone experiences. But what if you had another option? Is it possible to NOT worry about money? Absolutely!!!

In this episode, I will share what helped me to stop worrying about money and how to manifest it instead. I will also take you through a simple exercise to identify your ‘money story’ and how to change it to create money miracles.

I would love to hear what you discovered from this episode. If you feel comfortable, feel free to share your ‘money story a-ha moment’ and how you are changing your beliefs. Leave a comment or send me an email. And tune in next week for my Top 3 Money Books for Light Workers that Create Money Miracles.

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“Worrying about money is completely optional. Choose today to tell a different money story. My favorite one is ‘money loves me and makes my life easier and easier’.”

Key Learnings:

1) If you worry about money, I have good news for you. Worrying about money is just a habit, something you learned, and you can replace this habit with a better one.

2) When we worry about money, we are usually telling ourselves a story, like there won’t be enough or what if I lose what I have. This is just a story and you can begin today to tell yourself a better story.

3) Try on these money stories and see how they feel: “money always works out for me; I always have more than enough; the money I need for this bill is already here, thank you thank you thank you.”

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