I HAD to share this video I found on TED.com with you! OMG! It inspired me soooooooo much!

As a musician and artist myself, I often feel “stuck” by what I perceive to be my “limited options” to do my art…do you ever feel that way? From the time we express an interest in the arts as kids we are told that there are only so many spots open at the Met, or in the Philharmonic or that artists don’t make money until after their dead!

Can you relate to any of these scarcity messages???

That’s why I had to share this man’s story – his name is Eric Whitacre and he’s a classical composer who put together a virtual choir via the internet…and the result is amazing.

It speaks to me on so many levels…to think outside the box, to affirm the oneness of this world, to realized that music connects us all in powerful ways…and so much more.

So here it is! The story is amazing, but make sure you watch until the end so you can see the composer’s finished product.



And when you’re done, leave your comment and let me know what experience YOU had watching this.