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This is a very personal episode. Honestly, I was a little hesitant to share it. But Mother Mary asked me to share my personal experience because She felt it would be helpful to other highly sensitive souls, like you, so here goes.

In this episode, I share what happened to my energy when I heard the election results this weekend, and how it completely shocked me! I also share how I discovered I had WAY more stress going on in the background than I was aware of.

I also offer YOU ways to identify the “hidden stress” in your life, from a toxic boss to a draining friendship, and how you can free yourself of that stress and use your energy for your dreams and goals instead.

I truly hope you find value in hearing my story. I would love to know about your experience too.

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If you want to alleviate the suffering of the world, start with your own.” – Mother Mary

Key Learnings:

1) Any time our unresolved inner hurts are triggered by someone, it is our job to take care of ourselves. Don’t wait for the government, or any other person to do it for you.

2) Highly Sensitive People often adapt to toxic stress instead of removing it from their lives. This results in becoming numb to it and not realizing how much it is affecting you. It takes a lot of energy to deal with that stress every day, and that energy could be used to manifest your dreams instead.

3) Take 100% responsibility for your own happiness and well-being. Begin to take an inventory of all the areas of your life where you experience a drain on your energy and make a commitment to change that area.


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