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Would you love a SIMPLE formula you can follow to manifest anything? Then this episode is for YOU!

Mother Mary has shown me four simple steps that are the heart of the manifestation process, which are based on Her own life!

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Your desires come from God. Every desire invites you to become the happiest, healthiest and highest version of yourself.”

In this episode, I share the Four steps Mother Mary revealed to me, and how YOU can start following them immediately to magnify your miracles! The four steps spell out an acronym that is easy to remember. 

Whether you desire to manifest something ‘big’ or ‘little’ the steps are the same. Are you willing to try them?

Key Learnings:

1. There are four steps that Mother Mary has revealed to me as the heart of the manifestation process. These are the same steps that She followed to manifest the greatest light the planet has ever experienced. You can follow these same steps.

2. The first step is to say YES to your desire or dream. Just as Gabriel came to Mother Mary, every desire of your heart is an angel offering you a chance to say yes to greater health, happiness, peace and joy in your life.

3. The second step is to eliminate your inner cross-currents. These are negative beliefs or mixed feelings about your desire. This will hold you back from receiving your dream.

4. The third step is to act the part. Act as if your desire is already here. How would your life be different? Begin to act as if your dream has come true. This accelerates manifestation.

5. The fourth step is happiness habits. Create a habit of cultivating happiness, or to feel good as much as possible each day. This will keep your energy high and help you remain open to guidance.

6. These four steps spell out YEAH, which is how you will feel when you desire has manifested! Y – Yes E – Eliminate cross-currents A – Act the part H – Happiness Habits


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