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This episode was a dream come true, an answered prayer, and a miracle, all rolled into one!

I am thrilled to share this interview with two modern day mystics, who seem like your average couple who live next-door, until they start sharing their experiences with “Our Lady”…

Clark Strand and Perdita Finn, are the authors of one of the best books I’ve read in a long time, The Way of the Rose: The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary. I reviewed this book in episode 4 and it was a challenge for me not to cry throughout this interview for two reasons; first, because it was a dream come true, and second, because I can feel Divine Mother’s loving presence so strongly through them throughout the whole conversation!

In this episode, in addition to learning how a former Buddhist monk and a children’s book author found their way to Our Lady and the rosary, I hope that you find deep comfort from the numerous stories they share about miracles still happening through this ancient devotional practice.

This episode is a bit longer than usual, I confess, but it is SO worth it because we talked about miracles, miracles and more miracles the whole time!

Watch the Full Video Episode:

“We pray the rosary, which has mysteries of birth, death and rebirth, to teach ourselves the long story of our souls.” – Perdita Finn & Clark Strand

Key learnings:

1) According to “Our Lady” miracles are the most natural outcome of all.

2) In the middle ages, miracles were part of the fabric of life. People expected them to happen and they DID happen all the time. The number one performer of miracles in the middle ages is Our Lady, not God or Jesus!

3) In Her many apparitions, Our Lady says “If you want a path to negotiate your way through difficult times, hold my hand. I will get you through this, if you hold my hand” and the best way to hold Her hand is the rosary.

4) The rosary is actually an ancient practice of honoring the Great Mother and predates Christianity by thousands of years. Anyone can practice this ancient devotion, regardless of what path you are on, and experience the miracle of your true heart’s desire.


To find out more about Clark and Perdita’s work with Our Lady, visit

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To read the post we mentioned that was held in reserve and shared on April 8, 2020, click here

Click here to purchase the book The Way of the Rose

The message from The Way of the Rose that I read is on page 189 –There is one delusion at the bottom of human experience today; the belief that you live in a Motherless, comfortless world. This is the source of all other delusions, and the cause of all unhappiness.”

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