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Do you wish there was a way to connect with your guardian angel? If so, I am excited to introduce you to this week’s guest, Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman, who is THE person to call when you want to meet your guardian angel!

Let me tell you a bit about her: Jayne is the author of several books, including Commune with the Angels, Driving Under the Influence of Angels and Angels by My Side. She is the founder of Be An Angel Day, celebrated annually on August 22nd. Jayne is an ordained Interfaith Minister and offers both private spiritual coaching and Angelic Attunements where you will meet your own guardian angel. This special service also attunes you to the entire angelic kingdom!

In this episode, Rev. Jayne will share her own story of encountering the angels when she was just eleven years old, and how she has been sharing their messages with others ever since. She will also share several tips for how YOU can connect with angels every day.

Rev. Jayne has been my mentor since 1994 when I had my own Angelic Attunement and is a pure channel of angelic light and love. I highly recommend you contact here for your own Angelic Attunement.

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“Divine energy is ‘stepped down’ to our level of perception through the angelic kingdom, helping us to see God’s presence in all of creation.
Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman

Key Learnings:

1) The angels are God’s messengers, and they love us unconditionally. The angels work with us on day-to-day issues while the archangels are Divine Ideals, such as faith or healing.

2) In an Angelic Attunement, you will discover your own guardian angel and learn how to connect with his or her energy on a regular basis. You will also be attuned to the angelic kingdom.

3) You can add the letters EL at the end of your name to lift your energy. All the angels have el at the end of their names. You can claim your divine identity by adding those two letters.

To learn more about Rev. Jayne’s work, visit

To schedule your Angelic Attunement, email her at or visit her page at

To join the Magnify Your Miracles membership, email me at

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