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Do you know who your spirit guide is? I always wondered who mine is, and I am so excited to share the story of how I discovered mine!

My wife, Deepa Liu, has an amazing gift of being able to see your spirit guide and then paints it for you. I saw her doing this for her clients and thought “I want to see MY spirit guide… I wonder if she will paint mine?”

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“If you want support with your sacred life purpose, connect with your spirit guide. Deepa Liu is the master at connecting you with the spirit guide of your purpose.”


In this episode, I share the story of meeting my spirit guide for the first time (not at all what I expected) and how I overcame my skepticism about him! (If you want to see him, make sure you watch the video on youtube) The story of how he keeps making his presence known to me, and showing me that he is real, is so funny.

I’m excited to share that Deepa will be my guest next week! So if you are curious about how she does this, make sure to tune in next week!

Key Learnings: 

1. Everyone has spirit guides! They come to us at different times and for different reasons. If you want help manifesting your purpose, connect with the spirit guide who has that job!

2. My spirit guide was NOT what I expected at all. It took me a while to believe that he was real, and all the ways he made his presence known to me are truly comical!

3. One of the most healing aspects of knowing my spirit guide is recognizing how he has made his presence known to me my whole life. I just didn’t recognize him. Even when I felt alone, I was never alone.


If you can’t wait until next week and want to connect with Deepa about YOUR spirit guide, click here to set up a complimentary connection with her.

If you would like to experience receiving messages of love from the other side,
click here to schedule a Channeling Session.

If you love the image on the wall behind me of
Mother Mary Blessing the World, you can order your own museum quality copy at



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