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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the things you are supposed to do to manifest what you want?

Has it started to feel heavy, like a chore, rather than something you look forward to?

I know how you feel! I have read all the books and know all the techniques, but a key element is missing…FUN!

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“Instead of trying to make manifestation techniques fun, try having actual FUN,
and get ready for a miracle.”

In this episode, I will share a real-time story from my own life about how I manifested something I wanted in a truly miraculous way, and the fun and easy steps I took to do it!

Once you realize this missing key, you will be able to manifest with ease!


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Key Learnings:

1. Most approaches to manifestation feel heavy and ‘like work.’ What if there is a really easy, and not so obvious way to make manifestation FUN?

2. Here is what I did to manifest a free TV: 1) I decided that I wanted a TV so I could do yoga in my room. I had no doubt about getting this TV. 2) Said a prayer and asked the Divine to help me with this desire 3) I began acting as if it was coming, finding a spot in my room, looking online for the best TV for watching DVD, etc. 4) I let it go to the Universe 5) I did something FUN that got me into the energy of joy!

3. The TV came to me, I did not have to go out and find it. I came across this TV when I was out for a bike ride, having so much fun, and lo and behold, there was a free TV. YOU can do this too! The Universe works by law, not by chance. Rather than try to infuse fun into your manifestation techniques, have actual fun and get ready for a miracle!


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