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If you have read all the books on manifestation, but have not yet manifested your dream or goal, there may be one simple thing that is missing for you!

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“A miracle is not an event, it is a way of living.”

In this episode, I will share the true story of how Mother Mary helped us manifest our new home, and the ONE thing I did that made all the difference!

I believe Lightworkers have an advantage when it comes to manifesting, but without doing this one thing, they can continue to struggle. Don’t let that be you!

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Key Learnings:

1. I assume that everyone knows my miracle stories and that they can receive guidance from Mother Mary through working with me or being part of her Inner Circle, but many have told me they had no idea!

2. When I wanted to move into a bigger home, I tried all the left-brain, practical things, but nothing was really working. The energy was not flowing, so to speak. So I did the one thing I know always works…I got myself into the highest frequency I possibly could and then I asked Mother Mary for help!

3. The key to manifesting is to follow that guidance and stay in that frequency as often as possible. This is what makes it all possible, and when you connect with Mother Mary on a regular basis, your life becomes miraculous.


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