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Are you ready to level up your life and experience more joy, health, prosperity, and love?

Do you believe that you deserve to have everything you want? If not, that could be the very thing preventing you from experiencing it.

I don’t think I have ever met someone more passionate about helping people manifest what they want more than today’s guest, the brilliant Anne Espiritu! Anne is an Inner Mastery & Manifestation Coach who has walked the path of inner healing and outer manifestation. She now helps others master their inner world so that they can master their outer world.

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“If you did believe you were whole and worthy, how would you show up?
This question can change everything.”  – Anne Espiritu, Inner Mastery & Manifestation Coach

In this episode, Anne shares her own healing journey and how she was able to manifest the life of her dreams once she committed to inner healing.  She shares how neuroscience, ancient wisdom, developmental psychology and manifestation techniques inspired her to develop her own system that is helping people level up their lives.’

It all starts with a question: if you knew you were whole and worthy, how would you show up?


Key Learnings:

1. Anne climbed the corporate ladder and had all the external trappings of success, but was not truly happy. She embarked on a journey that took her to Bali, where she immersed herself in all things energetic, manifestation, neuroscience, ancient wisdom and developmental psychology. This inspired her to develop the healing system she now uses to help her clients.

2. Despite our best efforts, our inner child will sabotage our manifestations until we heal our early childhood trauma. We all have limiting beliefs that need to be healed, and Anne believes this is the core work of manifestation.

3. A simple way to begin your healing and manifestation process is by asking the question “If I knew I was whole and worthy, how would I show up.” That one question can change everything.



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