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Have you ever had the feeling that ‘something’s not right’ in your life, but you don’t know what it is? Or maybe you KNOW what it is, but the thought of changing it is too scary! Today’s guest, Jen Szymanski, knows exactly how you feel!

Let me tell you a little about her: Jen Szymanski is the founder of, a boutique coaching and consulting company that helps high-performing women learn to thrive in their roles, both at work and at home. Her signature program, Learning to Lead You, empowers women to improve their well-being, find their authentic power and foster their innate leadership capabilities. Jen leads her own business from a place of heart, joy and gratitude, and loves helping others have tangible and lasting results.

In this episode, Jen shares her story of working at a corporate job that left her feeling exhausted and depleted and how her own experience helped shape how she empowers others to create an authentic and fulfilling life. Get a pen and paper to take notes because there are so many ‘nuggets’ of wisdom in this episode!


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“Learning to Lead You really means becoming your own best friend.”  Jen Szymanski

Key Learnings:

1. When we lose our connection with ourselves, we feel lost. That’s when we allow other people and society in general to ‘lead us’ and our choices. This usually leaves us feeling exhausted and depleted.

2. One of the best ways to get back in touch with our power is by remembering what we truly want, what really matters to us. This isn’t always easy, but with the support of other like-minded women, we begin to feel safe enough to admit what we truly desire.

3. Leadership isn’t about controlling other people, it is about making choices from truth, for ourselves. Once you ‘learn to lead you’ you really become your own best friend.

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