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A miracle is a shift in perspective.” That is the definition given by this week’s guest, Master Transformation Coach, Julie Reisler! Julie has found that combining intuition with coaching is what helps people experience that miraculous shift in perspective!

I am so grateful to have Julie back on the podcast (you will remember her from episode 22) and to hear about the amazing work she is now offering for Light Workers who want to help transform the planet!

In case you are new here, let me introduce you to Julie: Julie Reisler is the founder and CEO of Empowered Living, is a Master Transformation Coach, Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker, and Podcast Host of The You-est You®️.

Julie has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, The Chopra Center, and Thrive Global and is the author of the Get a PhD in YOU book series. She is a multi-time TEDx speaker and teacher on the popular app, Insight Timer, with over 145,000 downloads.

Julie is also the founder of the Life Designer® Coaching Certification Academy and Sacredology® Community. Julie has a master’s degree in health and wellness coaching and is on the faculty at Georgetown University in their coaching program. She loves guiding big-hearted spiritual entrepreneurs to be their ‘You-est You’ in their careers and life.

In this episode, Julie shares her own story of how ONE question completely changed the course of her life, and how it can change YOURS too! She shares four powerful questions that have the ability to open your heart, connect you to your deepest guidance and move you lovingly forward. If you long to be a catalyst for change for people and the planet, check out her Life Designer® Coaching Certification Program!

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“When making a decision, ask ‘If I knew my life would be extraordinary and amazing no matter what I choose, what choice would I make?’ This question changed my life.” –Julie Reisler, Master Transformation Coach

Key Learnings:

1) A “miracle” is a shift in perspective. When we ask ourselves powerful questions, we can access the miraculous wisdom that is already present within.

2) Four questions to ask: What is for my highest good right now? How might this (situation, circumstance, problem) be for my highest good? What would you have me know here? What would bring me joy?

3) Coaches are in the miracle business! Being a coach is about helping others see themselves in the highest way.

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