Mother Mary’s Inner Circle

A Personal Message Program with the Masters & Archangels


I was floored by the information in my message!

The energy on the call was so powerful, it almost lifted me out of my seat!

Carolyn Cassady

Who knows what 2024 will bring? Spend it with the HIGHEST Energy possible…Mother Mary, the Masters & Archangels!

Would you love to be PERSONALLY guided by Mother Mary next year? If you long for HerShe is calling YOU!

That’s why She asked me to create this Inner Circle Message program with the Masters and Archangels, so you can deepen your connection with Her and create solid foundation within you by experiencing an intimate relationship with Mother Mary & the Masters and Archangels!


Every month you will receive PERSONAL guidance every month from Mother Mary AND her guest of the month!


And unlike other message programs, in this one you can ASK them a question each month!


This is the perfect program for you if you want personal guidance but are not ready for a private mentoring program


This program will begin on Dec 15th, a week before the Solsticeto support you in creating Miraculous New Year!



“Mother Mary’s compassion, wisdom, humility, and patience have helped me immeasurably in every facet of my life and given me great comfort and increased knowing.

Ultimately, this Inner Circle program has drawn me closer to Christ, other Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, all of the Saints, and my Guardian Angel.

Nina M., North Carolina

“During each session I can actually FEEL Mother Mary’s presence in the room with me! It’s such a blessing, and I feel so loved.” 

Cindy M., Maryland

Here are the program details:

1) The program is limited to just 6 people! (Just 3 spots!) This allows you more time and in-depth messages from Mother Mary and the Master or Archangel of the month


2) In this six-month program, you will receive a PERSONAL Message EVERY month, even if you are not live on the call


3) You can ASK a question each month as well!


4) Here are Masters & Archangels, and the dates we meet on Fridays at 6 pm ET/ 3 pm PT


Dec 15th – Archangel Uriel

Jan 5th – Paramahansa Yogananda

Feb 2nd – St. Germain

Mar 1st – Archangel Gabriel

April 5th – Archangel Raphael

May 3rd – St. Padre Pio


No matter what 2024 brings, let Mother Mary and the Masters & Archangels guide you!


There are two payment options.

Pay in full and save $185

6 monthly payments of $197