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In last week’s episode, I shared what Aretha Franklin taught me about success. If you didn’t hear that episode, the key to her success was her DECISION to make music the way she wanted and stop listening to everyone else.

But what if making decisions is hard for you? Or perhaps you’re like me and you make a decision and then change your mind a short while later?

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“Asking ‘what should I do’ will never help you discover your truth. Ask instead ‘where is my energy?’ This will lead you to the truth.”

In this episode, I put my coach’s hat on and share the best and worst question to ask yourself when you need to make a decision. The best question helps you to honor yourself AND work with the Universe at the same time! I’ve been using this question for years and it saves me so much stress and worry.

I would love to know if this question resonates with you, or if you have your own process to help you make decisions? Let me know! I love reading and responding to your comments.


Key Learnings:

1. Decisions are one of the keys to Magnify Your Miracles. The Universe is waiting for you to decide, so lack of decision means lack of results.

2. The worst question to ask is “What should I do?” The word ‘should’ takes you out of possibility and into the world of right/wrong and good/bad…what I call the world of either/or. This is usually based on outside expectations and not on your own truth.

3. When you ask “Where is the energy” you become an observer or both yourself and the world. You can begin to see where you are being supported and where you are being guided, and where you are not. This makes decisions so much easier and clearer.


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