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Do you have a book idea but don’t know how to get started? Or have you started writing a book, and then life got in your way, and you never finished it? If so, I am SO excited to introduce you to this week’s guest, author and writing coach, Grace Miller!

Grace loves helping people write and finish their books! She has been a ‘working writer’ for a decade but has been writing much longer than that. She believes that writing is not only a vital creative art, it’s also a vehicle for healing. “When we give voice to our heart, our stories have the ability to transform lives and connect with readers across time and space.”

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“When we give voice to our heart, our stories have the ability to transform lives and connect with readers across time and space.” – Grace Miller, Writing Coach

In this episode, Grace shares why she believes writing a book is a spiritual practice, one that can heal you and the world. She will also share the two phases of writing, why most people get stuck, and how to FINISH your book!

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Key Learnings:

1. Grace knew she wanted to be a writer when she was really young, but received so many messages about having a ‘real’ career that she didn’t allow herself to do what she really loved for a long time. Now she is committed to helping others say yes to being a writer without having to wait so long, and to have the support they need along the way.

2. There are two phases to the writing process. The first phase is to flesh out your idea, and get clear about what you want to write about. This is also when you develop your writing routine. Grace helps you to discover YOUR way of writing, whether that is 5 min a day or an hour once a week. There is no wrong way to be a writer, other than NOT writing!

3. The second phase is taking your idea and writing your book. Many people get stuck here. They have an idea, and maybe work on it a bit, but don’t actually finish their book. This is why having a writing coach and mentor is SO important.

4. Writing can be a healing process, as well as another aspect of your spiritual practice. Stories are medicine, and we heal the world when we share our story.


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