Have you ever felt that deep desire within your heart to write your life story?

Or write inspirational messages that touch and transform people’s lives? Or just write from that wise place within that allows you to shine your brilliance?

And, yet, you feel you don’t know how to access the story, the message, or the wisdom.

Or, perhaps, you are scared to reach within and pull forth the writer already in you because you feel shame around the stories that have shaped your life.

Or being vulnerable and sharing your message or story with others make you squeamish and afraid of what others will say about you, your story, or your writing abilities.

Jackie VanCampen, author and intuitive coach for writers, has been in all of the places above – fear of hurting loved ones with her stories of the past; shame about the choices she has made in her life; anxiety about the opinions of others.

But then something miraculous happened…

Jackie VanCampen“One day, I discovered, quite by accident, that I had a gift for writing. I decided that I was going to face all of my worries, fear, and shame so I could inspire, touch, and transform other people’s lives, and my life completely changed.

I experienced a depth of healing that I did not know was possible! The transformation that occurred in my life through my writing reverberated throughout, touching people and awakening them to their own messages.

With that new level of transformation in my life, I was called to start helping other women discover their Wise Heart Writer Within and change their entire lives by creating healing in their relationships, peace in their hearts, and clarity in their minds through the gift of writing.”

I have witnessed Jackie’s healing and transformation process myself, and am totally in awe of her power as a writer AND an amazing intuitive coach. That’s why I asked her to co-host a teleclass with me on this topic!

Whether you are currently a writer, are an aspiring writer or want to learn how to use writing as a powerful healing tool, this teleclass is for you!

How to Write from Your Deepest Wisdom happens on Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 at 9 pm ET/ 8 pm CT/ 7 pm MT/ 6 pm PT.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

– How to access the Wise Heart Writer within you

– What the real cause of “writer’s block” and how to overcome it

Why writing helps you heal and how to begin

– What the best time and place is for you to write so you can get in the flow easily
BONUS: Jackie has offered to give a few mini-readings for those who are live on the call!

If you can’t be live, no problem! Everyone who registers will automatically receive the mp3 recording!
The cost is just $30 and you can click here to register!