What is your deepest heart’s prayer? How would your life be different if that prayer was answered? Imagine that…your deepest heart’s prayer is now your reality!

What if I could show you, actually walk you through the process that Mother Mary revealed to me, to answer your deepest heart’s prayer?

That is exactly what I will do in your Private Prayer Empowerment Session!

I am Rev. Frances Fayden and my deepest heart’s prayer was to become a priest, and I uttered this prayer for the first time when I was only 7 years old. For decades, that prayer went unanswered, or so I thought. I became an Interfaith Mnister in lieu of a priest, but in my heart I knew it wasn’t the same. Something was always missing.

Then on a teleclass, I shared this prayer out loud for the first time, and in the presence of Mother Mary

and it was answered in less than 24 hours!!

I retraced my steps and saw exactly what I did that I hadn’t done before, and then Mother Mary revealed the missing Key to Answered Prayer!

Do you have a prayer that has gone unanswered? If so, this amazing new service is just for you!

What happens in a Prayer Empowerment Session?

MotherMaryMysticalWhenever two or more are gathered, God is there…that is the power of joint prayer. But when the Divine manifests in a tangible way as Mother Mary, the power is magnified exponentially! And who better than Mother Mary to empower your prayers?

Millions of people pray to Mother Mary everyday from all over the world. Helping people receive the answer to their prayers is a big part of Her job.

My job is to help you clarify and articulate your deepest heart’s prayer, and then invoke Mother Mary’s presence for you. You will share your prayer with Her, and then She will guide you as to how to receive the answer! 


So here is how the process goes:

Step 1 –  schedule your Prayer Empowerment Session and fill out the questionnaire.

Step 2 – On the call with me, we will go over your prayer together, getting it as clear as possible in your mind.

Step 3 – Invoke Mother Mary’s presence and share your prayer with Her directly.

Step 4 – Follow Her guidance to receive your answer!

The introductory fee for this service is just $97 and includes the mp3 recording of your session

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