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There are many, many Mother Mary miracle stories I can share with you, but there is one that impacted me the most AND was even verified by a doctor!

For most of my life, I had a dull heartache that was always there in the background of my life, no matter how good things were. No matter what I tried, nothing seemed to heal it, not fully.

And then I had a miraculous experience in Mother Mary’s presence…

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“Being in the presence of Mother Mary is what healed me. That’s why I offer Her Inner Circle program, so you can be in Her presence too..”

In this episode, I will share my true story of being healed from a lifelong heartache by Mother Mary, and why I believe being ‘in Her presence’ as often as possible is the key to everything, especially for Lightworkers.

PS – If you want to ‘be in Her presence,’ I encourage you to join Her Inner Circle.


Key Learnings:

1. Most of my life I have had a heartache that nothing seemed able to heal. I had been seeing a Ayurvedic doctor for a physical issue, and she confirmed that the pulse of my ‘energetic heart’ seemed to have an unusual dip. No matter what I did or herbs I took, nothing seemed to help. I assumed it would always be there.

2. Someone told me about an icon of Mother Mary that was ‘active,’ meaning that it was streaming myrrh. Healings were reported from the oil of this icon, and it was in my home state. I made a special trip to see it. I received a drop of the holy oil and placed it on my heart, and that is when I experienced the most profound feeling of love and joy I had ever felt. The sadness was gone!

3. When I went to my doctor a few weeks later, she confirmed what I already knew. My heart was healed. The sadness was gone. Being in Mother Mary’s presence had healed me.


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