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Have you ever had a goal you REALLY wanted to achieve, but nothing you tried seemed to work? You are not alone! Most people have no idea why the things they are doing are not working for them when they seem to work for other people


Over the last year I went through a process that helped me to lose 15 pounds! And while I am no fitness expert, I believe the process I followed can be applied to ANY goal you want to achieve…including magnifying your miracles! 😉


In this episode, I will share all the steps I took that did NOT work (so you don’t make the same mistakes as me) as well as the 5-step process that DID work. I believe that these 5 steps will work for ANY goal you have, not just for weight loss.


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“How I lost 15 pounds is how YOU can achieve anything. Personal Feedback is the key…your energy field knows how you’re wired for success!

Key Learnings:

1) Here is what I did that did NOT work: asked others what worked for them, read books and magazine articles about weight loss, worked with a personal trainer who gave me a generic fitness plan, got a walking buddy, exercised first thing in the morning, tried to exercise MORE, and took herbs and supplements that were supposed to help.


2) Here is what DID work: followed my intuition about which path was right for me, set myself up for PERSONAL feedback via my Apple watch, set a joyful goal, followed the feedback I received from my watch, had fun and became more confident!


3) While I am SO grateful to have lost the weight, I am most happy about becoming a new person – I am a person who moves every day! 

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