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How do you know if you are ‘out of alignment’ with the Law of Attraction?

One sure sign is that life starts feeling really hard!

When you are living in a way that honors the way you are naturally wired, you enter a state of ‘flow’ and the Universe begins to ‘dance’ with you.

But when you live in the opposite way than you are wired, life feels like a slog…like pushing a rock up hill. The Law of Attraction can only bring to us the same vibration we are emitting, so we get more rocks to push up hill! But I discovered a way to easily get back in alignment!

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“You know you are out of alignment when your life starts feeling really hard.”

In this episode, I share how I got myself back into alignment, and how the Law of Attraction brought me three opportunities in 24 hours! The best part is that YOU can do what I did too, and I am happy to share it with you in today’s episode.

I love to hear other people’s overcoming stories, as I learn so much more from them. Do you like learning from stories?  Let me know!

Key Learnings:

1. There are three steps to aligning yourself with the Law of Attraction. The first step is to understand your energy and how you are wired to naturally succeed.

2. The second step is learning to listen to your energy. What is it telling you? What does it need today? The third step is prioritizing your energy, making sure that you are taking excellent care of your energy so it takes excellent care of you!

3. When you spend time around your family of origin, you often revert back to how you were as a child, which is not necessarily the best version of you. No matter how you are wired, you can DECIDE today that you are wired for ease and success, and you will be.


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