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Did you know that music is one of the most powerful ways to shift your energy? Music has the ability to profoundly impact your energy and consciousness, especially if you are a highly sensitive soul.

That’s why I’m SO excited to share this interview with internationally recognized flutist, composer, and sound healer, Wendy Luck.

Let me tell you a bit about Wendy: a classically trained musician, Wendy has always been on a spiritual path. In 1998 her guidance led her to travel to Egypt, and while in the Great Pyramid, she had profound energetic experience. Ever since then her music has been infused with powerful healing energy.

In this episode, Wendy will share her amazing experience in the Great Pyramid in Egypt, as well as how the current pandemic opened the door for her to begin offering Personal Flute Healing Sessions, and why they are so helpful for highly sensitive souls. Make sure you listen to the end, as Wendy channels a healing flute song for peace and calmness.

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I help people identify where they’re ‘out of tune’ and then channel the frequencies that come through me to help them align with their natural inner harmony of joy and peace.” – Wendy Luck, Flutist & Sound Healer

Key Learnings:

1) A Miracle is when we are divinely graced to have enough of a shift in consciousness to see what is already there.

2) A shift in consciousness is usually followed by synchronicities, which are effortless and come with grace and blessings. Sound, vibration and music are another way to shift your consciousness.

3) Since the pandemic, instead of playing music solely for entertainment, Wendy switched to playing music for healing. Sensitive souls need a way to ground and calm themselves through this challenging time. Her personalized flute sessions allow her to channel the frequency that bring you back in harmony with yourself.


To schedule a complimentary 15 min assessment with Wendy, visit

You can find her music on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music. To purchase her CDs of music recorded in the Great Pyramid, visit

If you love the image on the wall behind me of Mother Mary Blessing the World, you can order your own museum quality copy at

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