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If you want a simple and easy way to manifest your desires, this book is for YOU!

If you have ever been told ‘you are too sensitive’ I am about to show you how your sensitivity and your feelings give you a HUGE advantage when it comes to manifesting!!

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 “All you can possibly need or desire is already yours. Call your desires into being by feeling your wish fulfilled.”  – Neville Goddard

In this episode, which is part three of our four-part series on manifesting, I will share excerpts from this miraculous book that illustrate the one simple thing you can do to magnify your manifesting ability!! This is the book that the late Wayne Dyer used as his inspiration for his book Wishes Fulfilled.

The more you can ‘be in the energy/feeling’ of what you desire, the faster you will experience it!


Key Learnings:

1. The subconscious mind is the womb of creation. Control of the subconscious is accomplished through control of your feelings and ideas. This does not mean restraint or suppression of feelings, but learning how to imagine and entertain only such feelings that contribute to your happiness.

2. Sensation precedes manifestation. Your body is an emotional filter and bears the unmistakable marks of your prevalent emotions. Emotional disturbances, especially suppressed emotions, are the causes of all dis-ease.

3. As you prepare for sleep, assume and maintain the consciousness of success by feeling “I am successful.” This is the technique of falling asleep with the feeling of the wish fulfilled.


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