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Have you ever set a goal and then experienced resistance in pursuing it?

This is a common experience. Sometimes it is just resistance to change…but what if there is something more going on? In my work as a Spiritual Success Coach and Miracle Mentor, I help people through their resistance every day.

There are three types of resistance: the simple resistance of breaking a habit, the resistance from your subconscious mind known as self-sabotage…and then there is the resistance that comes from your Higher Self!!! No one talks about this third kind, but in my experience, it is the most common one for highly sensitive people on the spiritual path.

In this episode, I share the ‘aha’ moment I had when dealing with my own resistance and how it helped me support others in moving through their resistance. I will also share a simple technique you can do to begin working through your own resistance.

If you are ready to overcome your own resistance and are looking for a coach to help you, click here to schedule a Miracle Meeting with me to explore your next step.

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“Don’t resist your resistance. Resistance is often guidance from your Higher Self. Get curious instead.”

Key Learnings:

1) Most self-help gurus will encourage you to ‘push through’ your resistance. This advice is not only not helpful for highly sensitive people, it can be downright dangerous!

2) Many of the famous millionaires in history made a great fortune by pushing through resistance, only to lose all of it. I believe they did not listen to the inner resistance, they did not address any fears or underlying issues, which is why they lost it. Once they address those concerns, they make it back and can keep it.

3) If you have said your prayers and asked for guidance, resistance can be an answer to your prayer. Don’t be so quick to dismiss it or override it. Get to know your resistance, make friends with it. Once you understand it, you will move forward quickly.

If you are ready to overcome that inner voice that holds you back, click here to schedule a Miracle Meeting with me.

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