Paris is the City of Lights. It is also home to many sacred places associated with Mother Mary.

She appeared several times in 1830 to warn of upcoming troubles in Paris back then, and She comes to us now to help us understand how to respond to the recents events there, as well as how to prepare for 2016.

parisShe asked me to hold a free teleclass this Sunday, November 22nd at 7 pm ET/ 4 pm PT so She could explain these things to you Herself.

This teleclass is Paris, 2016 and More with Mother Mary

We will discuss the story of the Miraculous Medal, which came from Her apparitions in 1830, and how to access that miraculous energy today.

We will have a guided meditation and Mother Mary will share Her insights with you.

There will also be time for a few people who are live on the call to receive a direct PERSONAL Message from Mother Mary!

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If you can’t be live on the call, no problem, everyone who registers will receive the mp3 recording!