I know this is short notice, but I am inviting you to join me for a FREE Teleclass TOMORROW, Tuesday, Dec 18th at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT.

The teleclass is Experience the Healing Light of the Cosmic Christ

I’ve been working with the Christ energy all year in the Sacred Heart of Christ Attunement program. The energy has been building, and His Divine Presence has been getting stronger and stronger…and his guidance has been almost overwhelming at times.

Even last month, when I was away for a work training in Atlanta, my hotel was ONE block away from the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus! The energy in this church was amazing, and that’s when I began to understand my “marching orders for 2019,” and how to help YOU have an amazing year.

In this FREE Teleclass, I will be sharing with you:

1) What the Cosmic Christ energy is, and how you can begin to connect with it within yourself 

2) Why 2019 gives us a unique opportunity to go deeper in experiencing the Healing Light of the Cosmic Christ, and how I will be supporting you in doing exactly that

3) How Nature supports your Healing and Awakening

3) A guided meditation so you can experience the Healing Light yourself

Plus I will be sharing the story of my ordination in 1999 and how Christ “called me” to serve the Cosmic Christ energy.

Please remember that “Christ” is not a person, but a Universal Energy that is present in everyone.