9 Day Inner Peace Prayer Challenge 

with Mother Mary

If world events have you troubled, and you want to know what you can do…


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Imagine focusing on your OWN Inner Peace for 9 whole days…

As you become more peaceful, your peace ripples out and blesses the world.

Now imagine doing that with hundreds of other people…

what kind of impact do you think you could have?

AND…what if all of those prayers were said WITH Mother Mary…

imagine how much more impactful that would be!


My name is Rev. Frances Fayden, founder of the Community of Mary, and I am inviting you to join us for 9 days of collective prayer to achieve World Peace through Inner Peace.

Here’s how it works:

Each day, you will receive an email with the prayers for that day. We will meet once a day via teleconference at 12 pm ET/ 9 am PT for 15 – 20 minutes.

During this time you will experience a brief guided meditation and then we will invoke Mother Mary to be with us LIVE on the call.

Once present, She will be guiding us each day to go deeper in our prayers and helping us release unconscious blocks to Inner Peace. You will be deeply blessed by this experience alone! 

This event is sponsored by the Community of Mary in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Fatima Apparitions in Portugal in 1917.

May is also Mother Mary’s month, the month of Miracles, a time when “all things are possible!”

We begin on Friday, May 5th through Saturday, May 13th at 12 pm ET/ 11 am CT/ 10 am MT/ 9 am PT. 

If you can’t be live on the call, no problem. All the calls will be recorded and everyone who registers will receive the mp3s.

Just fill out the form on the right side of the page to sign up!

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