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Are you feeling stuck?

Could you use a boost of supernatural energy?

Try a novena!

A novena is an ancient prayer practice in which you recite a prayer every day for nine days. Whenever I feel stuck, the first thing I do is start a novena.

I have experienced miracles with this practice, and you can too!

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“If you feel stuck, try a novena. Take any prayer and say it every day for nine days,
and watch the miracles unfold.”

In this episode, I share the simple steps of doing a novena, and I even share a special novena prayer in honor of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. I will also share a spontaneous prayer to show you how you can use ANY prayer and create your own novena! 

Have you ever done a novena? And if not, are you willing to try one?


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Key Learnings:

1. When I feel stuck or stagnant, I choose a novena to help me ‘move my energy.’ A novena is a prayer you say for nine days. You can use a traditional prayer, or you can make up your own prayer.

2. The first step is to set an intention. What are you asking for? What result would you like to experience?

3. The second step is to choose the date you will begin. You can begin on a feast day, nine days before a feast day, on the new moon or full moon…or you can just begin today! I recommend having a journal to write down your intention and keep track of the days so you know when you have completed your novena.

4. The prayer I shared is The Novena Prayer to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. You can begin on Nov 27th through Dec 5th, or anytime you need support:

Immaculate Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus and my mother, I come to you with confidence in your powerful intercession, manifested through your Miraculous Medal. As your loving, trustful child I ask this favor…Obtain for me as well, a pure heart, that my entire life may give glory to God. Amen.


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