Have you ever received spiritual guidance but failed to act on it for a REALLY long time? If so, take heart, as you are not alone! In my own private practice, I see this all the time. Someone calls for a reading because they are at a crossroads…what action should they take next?

In an intuitive reading you are usually given several options and asked to act on the one that feels best to you. But this is where most people fall short…they don’t act at all!

Here is a video telling you why this is problematic and what to do about it- (You may need to turn up the volume!)

Now I have a confession to make...I received guidance from Mother Mary over a year and a half ago to start making videos! I kept telling myself that other things were more pressing and that I’d get to it eventually. Then, in a few months, I would feel “stuck” and ask for more guidance. She would say the same thing. Make videos. I resisted, and a few months later I would feel stuck again.

Two weeks ago I resolved to follow this guidance, and lo and behold, someone on Facebook invited me to a free 7 day course on getting over your resistance to making and posting videos! It’s called the 7 Day Visibility Challenge and boy am I glad I joined it! You see, even though I was finally following my guidance, all the information I had gathered 18 months ago had changed, dramatically, and I was in need of updated information.

But that’s the good news; if you show up and say yes to your guidance, even if it’s quite a bit later, the Universe will meet you where you are and support you in getting “up to speed.”

If you want to make it sooooooo much easier on yourself, take an action, ANY action, today, right now, and honor that guidance.

What action will you take? What have you been waiting too long to do? I’d love to hear it, so leave your comment below.