Did you know that you were born with spiritual gifts? They are already present inside you, waiting to be discovered in your chakra system. Most people don’t know they are there…but they are, and knowing what they are and how to use them can make a HUGE difference in your life!

Uncovering them can take a lot of time, energy and money. You can research and compare theories…or you can just go right to the source…YOU!

Most people have a hard time reading their own energy to discover these answers, that’s why I created a program to help you uncover your spiritual gifts quickly and easily! It’s called the “Discover Your Spiritual Gifts 21 Day Mentoring Program.”

Though you have numerous spiritual gifts, we will focus on three: Your Personal Spiritual Empowerment Tool, Your Money Gift and Your Healing Gift.

Your Personal Spiritual Empowerment Tool is how you connect with Spirit most naturally and easily. Knowing this will help you leverage your gift and stop wasting time trying ways that just aren’t as effective for you.

Your Money gift is your personal way of creating wealth. NOTE: you may also have a “money block” that is stopping you, and we will discover that as well!

Your Personal Healing gift is the way you serve as a blessing to others. Whether you want to be an official healer or not, you are already endowed with a special way of blessing others that is unique to you!

Each week we meet we will be joined by Divine Helpers, such as Mother Mary, Archangel Michael and Padre Pio.

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