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Deepa Liu is a Sacred Artist, Spiritual Success Coach, Interfaith Minister and founder of the Sacred Arts Mystery School.

She has been on the spiritual path for over 30 years and calls herself a “Buddhist Yogi.” As a Sacred Artist, Deepa infuses each painting with the intention and vibration of higher consciousness. Each piece, which she calls a ‘portal,’ brings the presence of the Divine into your environment and blesses you and your home.

Her Sacred Arts Mystery School is designed to teach spiritual seekers, healers, creatives and highly sensitive women to deepen their connection with Spirit, develop their intuition and fulfill their life purpose.

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“When you combine Creativity, Spirituality and Healing, Miracles can occur.
That’s what happened to me.”
– Deepa Liu


1. Creativity is a doorway to the Divine and to your own purpose. Deepa didn’t even know she could paint until 5 years ago. She shares the story of how her paintings have revealed her purpose to her, and they can for you too!

2. By combining Creativity, Spirituality and Healing, Deepa was able to begin “seeing” images in her mind’s eye. She was also able to commune with her paintings, which she calls portals, and to receive messages.

3. The portal that had a message for us today is called “God Rays.” The message is about balancing the masculine and feminine energies to create more balance in our lives.


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To see the portal God Rays, click here

Click here to visit the gallery of her paintings and purchase giclee reproductions

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