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Do you believe that the universe is friendly and wants to cooperate with you? Most spiritual people would say ‘yes’ to that question, but living that belief takes practice. Our minds are conditioned every day to think the opposite is true.

That’s why having a daily ‘mind medicine’ practice is so important to magnify your miracles! By feeding your mind daily statements of truth, you can overcome negative conditioning and follow the truth of your soul!

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“Prayer is not wishful thinking, nor is it an escape from objective reality. We affirm that divine intelligence not only knows what to do, but also impels us to ACT on its knowing.” – Ernest Holmes

In this episode, I will read from the book Creative Ideas: A Spiritual Compass for Personal Expression by Ernest Holmes and share the simple yet profound truths he reveals in this book of prayers. I will also randomly open to a page in the book and share the prayer/message that was chosen just for you!

I would love to know your thoughts about this book and these ideas! Leave me a comment and let me know.


Key Learnings:

1. Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, said that this book helped lay the foundation for her work. It helped her believe that the Universe was friendly and wanted to cooperate with her creative aspirations.

2. This book has prayer treatments for every area of life: Business and Success, Right Action and Problem Solving, Health, Relationships, and Peace of Mind and Happiness.

3. The prayer I read is on page 56: I hand my life, my affairs, and my problems over to divine intelligence, to the power that knows how to do everything. I do this in the complete conviction that I receive only good and right action into my experience.

I know there is nothing in me that can doubt either the divine goodness or the operation of its law in my life. I believe that everything necessary to the fulfillment of my every good desire is now in full operation, that all the circumstances in my life are tending to rightly bring them about. Whatever I need to do, I am impelled to do knowing I am intelligently guided.

I accept the new good that now comes into my life.

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