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Do you pray for others? Would you love to make your prayers even more powerful? Create a Miracle Altar!

A Miracle Altar is a dedicated space to pray for others that was created by today’s guest, Pat Cassel. Pat has seen SO many miracles since the creation of the Miracle Altars that I HAD to have her as a guest to teach YOU how to create your own Miracle Altar!

Let me introduce you: Pat is an intuitive, healer, spiritual teacher and Angel communicator who works with Archangel Michael and her team of angels and Ascended Masters, including St. Germain. Pat’s life was transformed after experiencing a visit from Mother Mary in 1991. In 1998, after the loss of several family members and friends, her miraculous healing ministry began. She channels messages and healing from St. Padre Pio and Mother Mary and has witnessed many miracles with her clients. It is her great joy to be of service in this miraculous way.

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“TRUST AND BELIEVE that you have just received God’s Love, Peace, Joy and Healing, for you are deeply loved!” – Pat Cassel, Angel Intuitive & Healer

In this episode, Pat shares her personal story of working with the angels, and how she was guided to create ‘Miracle Altars’ to channel powerful Christ Light to those in need. She explains how to create your own Miracle Altar, and the powerful prayer she recites. She will also share the numerous miracles she has witnessed from this powerful practice.

If you would like to connect with Pat directly, either to schedule an angel reading or healing, to request a Miraculous Medal, or to ask about Miracle Altars, you can email her at or visit her website


Key Learnings:

1. Miracles can happen anywhere and anytime. It’s important not to limit how God can show up in someone’s life. Say your prayer and KNOW that it is being answered.

2. Pat received guidance from Mary Magdalene to create an altar so that Christ Light could be channeled through her even more powerfully. She set up a small tray table and put gold cloth over it and an image of the risen Christ. Before she told anyone about it, people started to contact her asking for prayer!

3. The Miracle Altar Prayer:

I invoke the Christ Light
and I invoke Mother Mary, Padre Pio, Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Clair, St. Lucy,
Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael

I invoke your healing energy to flow to me AND through me
and I gratefully offer my hands and Heart as we send
God’s physical healing,
God’s emotional healing,
God’s Spiritual Healing and we send
God’s Love,
God’s Peace,
and God’s Joy
TRUST AND BELIEVE that you have just received God’s Love, Peace, Joy and Healing for you are deeply Loved!!!
Love yourself today, honor yourself today, respect yourself today.
Have Blessed Day!
We Bless you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


To find out more about Pat Cassel’s work email her at or visit her website

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