Cosmic Christ Healing Light Activation Program

ATTENTION: All Mystics, Creatives, Healers & Spiritual Leaders 

2019 brings an amazing opportunity to connect and experience the Healing Light of the Cosmic Christ like never before.

In my work with the Cosmic Christ energy in 2018 I’ve seen a building of the energy, and His guidance has been getting stronger and stronger…and His presence has been overwhelming at times!

In September He asked me to begin doing Healing Light Transmissions, which I did on the Fall Equinox and Halloween night. The people who participated received incredible results – both physical and emotional healing. Here is an example:

“Before the call, I had pain in my right shoulder blade for about three days. I did energy work on myself which helped, but it was still painful. 
So last evening right before the Healing Light Transmission Call, I asked Jesus to please remove the pain. After our call ALL THE PAIN WAS COMPLETELY GONE. Thank you Jesus and Frances for sharing your gifts.”

Pat Cassel, Pennsylvania

I have to share what happened in tonight’s call with you. I have spent most of my life trying to heal my heart and you just gave that gift. I am eternally grateful!
Karen Olds, Missouri

But this week He corrected my understanding of this new assignment…rather than only channeling the energy, He wants me to channel and help ACTIVATE it within YOU!

What I am really excited about is that He asked me to do this in rhythm with the seasonal transition points – the 2 solstices, the 2 equinoxes and the four points in between, for a total of 8 activations!

This program is called the Cosmic Christ Healing Light Activation, and will begin on Friday, Feb 1st, 2019 at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT, the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox


If you feel called to:

– Become a stronger channel of Christ Light

– Increase your awareness of the Healing Power of the Earth’s Natural Rhythmower of the Earth’s Natural Rhys

– Heal your own inner heart

– Develop a direct and ongoing experience with Cosmic Christ

…Then He has created this program just for you!


“I had an amazing experience on tonight’s call. During the meditation with Christ, I asked to release whatever no longer served me.

Jesus put his hand on my heart chakra and I physically felt my body jerk, releasing old, stuck energy. 

I no longer feel weighed down by the past,  and now I know that I am completely supported. It was truly amazing. Thank you!”

Elaine Petkovich, California

Registration is $597 and there are two payment options:

Pay in full and save $100 - $497

12 monthly payments of $49