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Have you ever met an awakened person? Well, you are about to! Today’s guest, Mirabai Devi, is an amazing channel of ‘Divine Light.’ I have experienced one of her healing events myself and can attest to the power of the energy she channels.

Let me tell you a little about her: Mirabai Devi is an International Spiritual Teacher, Global Healer and Channel for the Divine Light. Her trainings, programs and group healings have transformed the lives of millions of people as she traveled throughout the world. Born in South Africa, she now resides in Hawaii.

In this episode, Mirabai will share her own story of awakening in amazing detail, as well as how she helps people experience the Divine Light via a “Light Transmission.’ You will discover how Light can heal instantaneously, both physically and energetically.

I highly recommend you visit her website and see if one of her group offerings resonates with you. You can also download free healing prayers on her home page.

And as always, I would LOVE to know if this episode spoke to you. Have you had your own experiences with the Light? Leave me a comment and let me know. 💜

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The Divine Light is a tangible energy that heals the body, blows the mind and opens the heart. It brings you from believing to actually experiencing the Divine.” 

– Mirabai Devi

Key Learnings:

1) Even in the midst of our own darkest moments, the potential to experience the Light is there. No matter what you call it, the Light is a universal, loving energy that has the power to heal anything and everything.

2) Mirabai’s journey took her all over the world, but she had her ‘awakening’ while in India. After surrendering completely to her own enlightenment, she experienced the Light in a profound way. It is this same energy that she channels today.

3) Angels are always available to us. They need us to ask for help because they are not able to violate free will. When you connect with the angels, truly connect, you will know you are never alone.

To find out more about Mirabai’s work and her upcoming trainings, visit

To schedule a session with her, call or text 760-216-1029

If you love the image on the wall behind me of Mother Mary Blessing the World, you can order your own museum quality copy at

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