Did you know that the #1 issue people ask me about is relationships?

Did you also know that, whether they ask or not, most of the time unhappy relationships are a contributing factor to health issues, difficulty with living “on purpose” and a host of other things?

Plus, it’s the main cause of unhappiness and loneliness.

I meditated on this issue and asked Mother Mary how to help and she told me to hold a teleclass and invite St. Joseph to address this issue.

So, on Tuesday, January 29th 2013 at 9 pm ET/ 6 pm PT I am hosting a teleclass called  “Finding Spiritual Partnerships with St. Joseph of Nazareth.”  

St. Joseph 

 As the husband and life partner of Mother Mary,
St. Joseph represents the archetype of the “Spiritual Partner“who fully supports his partner and has his own strong spiritual connection.

This teleclass is for YOU if:

 – You are seeking a spiritual partner

 – You are already married but are unhappy with your relationship

 – Your Love Life could use some “Divine Intervention!”



In this teleclass you will discover:

– What YOU can do to prepare to receive a “Divine Partner”

– How you can heal your current relationship

– How to manifest a partner who is spiritually strong and not intimidated by an equally strong partner

I will invoke the presence of this blessed saint and the group will receive messages about “spiritual partnership” as well as how to “attune” yourself to the vibration of sacred love.

You do NOT need to be live on the call to benefit – all who register will receive an mp3 recording.

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