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If you’re a highly sensitive soul, you are also probably a natural ‘giver.’ Helping people makes you feel good, and your sensitivity makes it easy for you to know what they need.

But how do you know if you’re giving too much? What are the signs?

In this episode, I share the pros and cons of being a giver, and how being out of balance with receiving sets you up to draw people who are ‘takers,’ leaving you depleted and resentful!

I’ll also share a few simple things you can do to get you back in the flow of giving and receiving instead of giving and resenting!

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“How do you know if you are giving too much? You feel resentful. If giving leads to resentment, it’s debting, because you are giving what you don’t really have..

Key Learnings:

1) Highly sensitive people often know how others are feeling and can naturally give in a way that is helpful. But if you are giving to a ‘taker’ you will feel depleted and resentful.

2) Takers will not set any boundaries with your giving. They aren’t wired that way. YOU must be the one to draw the line.

3) The big red flag is resentment. If you feel resentful, you have given too much. When you feel resentful, stop, and ask yourself what you really want to do. Often, we give from a sense of obligation or needing to be liked. The is not true giving.


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