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If you enjoyed last week’s book review of Inspired by Angels, you will LOVE this week’s interview with the author, Sinda Jordan!

Sinda is not only an author, but she is also an amazing intuitive counselor who specializes in helping empaths and highly sensitive souls learn how to give empathy to the ‘shadow’ sides of themselves for profound healing.

In this episode, Sinda shares her story of how she first began connecting with the Archangels, the miraculous way she found a publisher for her book, and how working with the light of the angels helped her heal her own shadow energy. This interview is really quite in-depth and I think you will love hearing how she believes empathy is a GIFT that can become a skill, and that skill can lead to mastery!

Plus, make sure you check out her offer of a complimentary consultation to see if her work is a fit for you!

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Empathy is a field of energy and angels are part of that field. Angels are Masters of empathy.” Sinda Jordan, author Inspired by Angels

Key Learnings:

1) When Sinda began to invoke the presence of the angels during her meditation time, everything began to change for her. One day she heard a voice asking her to begin writing down messages and guidance from the four archangels. As she did, she connected with Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel, and her life began to heal.

2) Even though she was working with angelic beings, she noticed that people were sharing their “shadow” energy…fears, worries, anxieties…and she began to help people bring light to their shadow side and bring the shadow to the light.

3) Sympathy and empathy are not the same thing. Sinda said that sympathy often led to sacrifice for her, but empathy helped her stay in her own energy. Now she helps empaths and highly sensitive souls learn how to develop the gift of empathy to a skill level, and then to a mastery level.

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