Today is All Saints Day! How could I NOT offer you a special on Patron Saint readings?

Just like your Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide, your Patron Saint is a guiding influence in your life and is part of your “celestial team.” Once discovered, this being often feels like an old friend. They often share similar qualities with you and can guide you in specific ways.

To help you discover and connect with your Patron Saint, or ANY Saint of your choosing, I am offering a special 30 minute reading for just $97!!

And you will receive an mp3 recording of your session!

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You can choose a Patron Saint reading or any Saint of your choice, such as:

Padre Pio: for all types of healing issues or to increase your healing ability

St. Germain – for Transcendence and Transformation

St. Francis of Assisi: for love of animals, nature and increasing your devotion

St. Joseph: for relationship issues and finding a spiritual partner

St. Teresa of Avila: for deepening your inner experiences and growing in wisdom

St. Joan of Arc: for courage and valor and hearing inner guidance

St. Hidelgard of Bingen: channeling the Holy Spirit in healing, writing & music

St. Mary Magdalene: for spiritual loyalty, feminine power and leadership

St. John, the beloved disciple: for infusing your writing with spiritual power

St. FrancisThese are just a few of the saints I’ve worked with, but Mother Mary has opened the door for me to work with any Saint from any path on your behalf, so if you don’t see YOUR saint’s name here, just ask me.

Can’t decide? You can purchase more than one reading! Just fill out the number of readings you would like in the shopping cart when you check out and take advantage of this once a year deal!

But hurry, this special expires at midnight on Monday, Nov 3rd!
(Note: You can schedule your reading at a later date, but it must be purchased before midnight on Nov 3rd)

When it’s gone, it’s gone, so click here to purchase your reading!

All blessings,