Divine Love Activation & Transmission Series
with Mother Mary and St. Mary Magdalene

Do you want to ‘up’ your manifesting ability the EASY way?

Do you want to experience more EASE, FLOW and JOY in your life?

The EASY and FUN way to MAGNIFY your manifesting ability is through LOVE!!

LOVE is the strongest vibration in the Universe! It has a greater magnetic vibration than any other frequency! It is the ‘secret key’ to manifesting and magnifying your miracles!

And who better to help you experience Divine Love than Mother Mary and St. Mary Magdalene?

The vibration of love can help you manifest:

– more love

– more wealth

– more health

– more of whatever YOUR heart desires!!

After the last few challenging years, Mother Mary is advising us to ‘be in the energy’ of LOVE as much as possible in 2023!

Divine Love is the path and medicine of 2023!

That’s why She asked me to create an EASY way for you to IMMERSE yourself in this healing energy, and I did!

The 2023 Divine Love Activation & Transmission Series is designed to help you align your energy with Divine Love and raise your vibration!

Once you experience it, you can manifest that energy over and over again.

I have to share what happened in tonight’s Activation with you. I have spent most of my life trying to heal my heart and you just gave that gift. I am eternally grateful!
Karen Olds, Missouri

“I had the abundant good fortune of participating in an Activation experience led by Rev. Frances Fayden. It was, quite, frankly transcendent. I remember feeling so joyful and bliss-filled I didn’t want it to end. The divine energies stayed with me for days.

Rev. Frances’ Activation & Transmission is comforting, healing, peaceful, uplifting, liberating, expansive, powerful and profound.”

Rev. Jayne Feldman, author of Commune with the Angels

The Divine Love Activations and Transmissions consist of four live energy activations with Mother Mary, St. Mary Magdalene, Archangels Chamuel and Charity of the Third Ray of Divine Love, and the Devas of the Heart Chakra Crystals.


All four of these beings specialize in a different aspect of Divine Love, and when combined, create an experience of ‘oneness’ with the frequency of love.

In each Activation, you will:

1)  Be immersed in the energy of Divine Love, completely bathed and blessed by Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and the Archangels

2) Experience a profound Activation of Unconditional Love that will Magnify Your Energy and Manifesting abilityer of the Earth’s Natural Rhys

3)  Expand your ability to receive and channel Divine Love experience 

…Plus, these Activations also magnify your deepest heart’s desires

The 2023 Divine Love Activations happen on Sunday, March 12th, May 14th, July 16th and Sept 17th at 11 am ET/ 8 am PT

Special BONUS:  Receive immediate access to the MP3 of the Heart Chakra Healing Divine Love Activation!
(Rose Quartz Crystal not included)


“I had an amazing experience on tonight’s Activation. During the meditation, I asked to release whatever no longer served me.

I felt a hand on my heart chakra and I physically felt my body jerk, releasing old, stuck energy. 

I no longer feel weighed down by the past,  and now I know that I am completely supported. It was truly amazing. Thank you!”

Elaine Petkovich, California

Registration is $497 and there are two payment options:



Pay in full and save 10% - $444

5 monthly payments of $97