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Lent is a time of preparation…a time to prepare for your very own miracle! Although there are traditional ways to observe Lent, such as fasting, Mother Mary has encouraged us to add something to our lives. She usually recommends doing a spiritual practice that will uplift, nourish and support your heart for this 40-day period.

In this episode, I will share a very special prayer called “The Offering of the Broken Heart.”

This prayer is especially good if you are going through a hard time, as many people are right now. See the link below to download your own copy.

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“In times of great change, you need to support your heart chakra. Even if the change is wanted, you can still experience grief.”

Key learnings

1. Lent is the 40-day period before Easter, which is one of the most miraculous days in history. You don’t have to be Catholic or even Christian to do a 40-day practice.

2. We are going through a big time of transformation, and many people are experiencing a death and rebirth energy at this time. Even though this is a good thing, loss can be hard on the heart chakra.

3. If you are experiencing a loss of any kind, this prayer is extremely healing. It’s called the Offering of the Broken Heart, and Mother Mary recommends you say it or read it every day for 40 days to magnify your miracles.

To download a pdf of this prayer, click here.


“The Offering of the Broken Heart” was shared with me by my mentor. I do not know the original author. If you know of the author, please let me know so I can give proper credit.”

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