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Do you consider life to be a journey? Is your spiritual path a great adventure?

Wouldn’t you love an oracle deck to support your pilgrim’s soul? Then this episode is for YOU!

I LOVE oracle card decks, and the one I am sharing with you today, the Sacred Traveler Oracle Card deck is one of my favorites!

Rather than just review this deck, I thought it would be fun to give you a reading!

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“You’re a majestic being who can bring light into the hearts of others. Celebrate and honor yourself. You are so worth it.”  – Denise Linn from the Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck

In this episode, I say a prayer and ask for a message just for YOU! The card I pulled for you is such an incredible message to support you on your journey! Since today is the first day of Lent, this message can also be a guide for the next 40 days of your journey.

Did it resonate with you? I would love to know. 💜

Key Learnings:

1. A great practice to do over Lent, or any time period, is to pull an oracle card each day. Write down your message and look to see if a pattern emerges!

2. The Sacred Traveler Oracle Card deck is SO fun. There are several ways to use them, such as pulling one card, or a three-card spread, or a card for every spot in the tree of life! There is no limit to what you can do and the guidance you can receive!

3. The card I picked is Reaching Your Destination, which is an interesting card for the beginning of a journey! This card says to take care of any unfinished business and know that your outcome is assured!


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