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This episode is a bit different…

Remember the book ShreeMaa- Life of a Saint by Swami Satyananda Saraswati? I reviewed this wonderful book back in Episode 24.

Well, this week I found out that ShreeMaa and Swami Satyananda’s temple, the Devi Mandir, was completely burned in the California fires. Both ShreeMaa and Swamiji are constantly giving to humanity to help uplift and educate us, to help us remember our divine nature.

Now they need our help and we have a chance to support them. I have a really fun way for you to help me do that!

I’m holding a Live Channeled Event with Mother Mary to benefit the Devi Mandir on Weds, Sept 2nd at 7 pm ET,  and giving personal messages to as many people as I can who are live on the call!  I am not charging for this event, just asking for a donation.

Want to join me? Just go to to get your ticket! Once you have your ticket, please make a donation at

In today’s episode, I share a bit about ShreeMaa and how she is an incarnation of Divine Mother, and then I included the original book review of ShreeMaa- Life of a Saint from episode 24. This book has touched me deeply because it details Shree Maa’s simple path of unconditional love. I hope it touches you too.

Watch the Full Video Episode:

Spirituality means giving more than you take.” – ShreeMaa

Episode Takeaways:

1) Shree Maa is not bound by caste or creed. She shows her motherly love to all, as is illustrated by her visit to a maid servants house. Maa cleans the house, prepares several meals, feeds her child and leaves flowers for her, all without letting on it was she who did this.


2) Shree Maa believes that all paths and philosophies, though appearing different, are just different branches of the same one tree.


3) Maa says “People want enlightenment. Do not think it is something different than doing for others as you would have them do for you. Spirituality is very simple.”



Click here to register for the Live Channeled Event with Mother Mary to benefit the Devi Mandir

To make a donation to the Devi Mandir and help them rebuild, click here

Click here to purchase the book Shree Ma, The Life of a Saint by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

For more information about Shree Maa, visit her ashram website here

Click here to hear and see Shree Maa singing a beautiful song of devotion to God

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