Here’s a little live video I did today on my facebook page, to help you reduce your fear and increase your faith.

So to sum it up:

  1. Take your focus off of what you don’t want and put it on what you DO want. Be PRO something, not anti anything. Be pro-democracy, pro-justice, pro-truth
  2. Remind yourself of the Truth often. Read scriptures to help with it, especially the psalms. I recommend psalm 91 for these times.
  3. Lean on the faith of others. Who do I lean on? The saints! Pray to your favorite saint and ask for their intercession in focusing your faith muscle in the right direction.

If you would like to experience connecting with a saint directly, join me on Thursday, Feb 2nd at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT for a special teleclass with St. Anthony of Padua called “How to Find What’s Missing.” He can help you find anything that’s lost or missing, such as faith, hope, courage, passion and even purpose.

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And don’t forget to let me know how YOU are responding to these turbulent times. Leave your comment below!