The Energy of 2023 – Masterclass & Activation

with Rev. Jayne Feldman and Rev. Frances Fayden


What is the energy of 2023? What are the opportunities and blessings in this new vibration? How do you best prepare for this new year to accelerate your spiritual growth?

Join Rev. Jayne Feldman and Rev. Frances Fayden on Tuesday, January 10th at 7 pm ET for a very special Masterclass, Blessing and Activation with the Archangels.

2023 is a Universal SEVEN year! It will be a year of ALCHEMY, of transmuting the ‘lead’ of your life into GOLD!

It will be a year of ENERGIZING your personal understanding of the Seven Alchemical Processes that you experience intimately.

From the moment of your birth to now, YOU HAVE BEEN LIVING YOUR ALCHEMICAL LIFE


You ARE alchemy!! You are here to experience TRANSFORMATION and BE Transformative! 

Power up with Frances and Jayne for the awesome year ahead of living life as the ALCHEMY YOU ARE
with super high cosmic energies pouring into our earthly bodies and experiences.

In fact, the extreme galactic energies are the highest we have ever experienced on earth!

The Divine is powering up the light and powering up the LOVE!

Learn how astrology, numerology, divine messages are pushing forward the divine agenda of transformation.

Think of 2023 as the year of our INNER ALCHEMY being activated as never before.

It’s a year of awakening to a new blueprint of visioning the transformation as never before.

Think of the 2023 as the plus symbol for the number “2” and the “0” for God/the Infinite/Divine; a second “2” which emphasizes adding wisdom to our lives; and the “3” inspiring us the fully embody the God messengers we are: Messengers that Life is a Divine Alchemical Experience.

You will also experience a powerful guided meditation and Alchemical Activation with Archangel Zadkiel and Archaii Amethyst

PLUS, Rev. Jayne and Rev. Frances ALWAYS receive “Divine Downloads” before these events to share with all participants!

The fee is $77 and includes the MP3 recording




Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman is the author of Commune with the Angels, Driving Under the Influence of Angels and Angels By My Side. She is the founder of Be An Angel Day, celebrated annually on August 22nd. Jayne is an ordained interfaith minister, Reiki Master and curator of Angel Heights Healing Arts Center. Jayne maintains a private spiritual life coaching and counseling practice offering telephone and in-person consultations. 


Rev. Frances Fayden is an Interfaith Minister, Master Intuitive, and Channel for Mother Mary and the Divine Feminine. She is and the author of Meditation is Friendship with God and How to Recognize God, and host of the Magnify Your Miracles podcast. She is the co-founder of the Magnify Your Miracles Membership, an online spiritual community whose goal is to help you experience the ‘Divine Presence’ every day. In 2012, Frances had a profound encounter with Mother Mary, which changed the direction of her life and awakened her life purpose. Frances now dedicates her work to helping clients around the world connect with Mother Mary and live their purpose.