Get Ready for 11-11-11:
The Golden Doorway of the Mastery Vibration


Nov 11, 2018 is a day that will support you in:

Opening Doorways/Portals/Gateways of Energy to Higher Consciousness

Bridging Angelic Realms so you feel closer to the Angels

Experience the invisible being made visible in your life

Awakening to Greater Consciousness of Oneness with Spirit

Enhancement of Personal Direction (Hopes/Dreams/Goals)

11-11 is a numerical triggering sequence that stirs within those who are conscious of numerical triggers, an attunement to divine angelic energies.

When enhanced by a third/trinity blessing of ’11,’ the attunement elevates the consciousness to oneness with the seraphim and cherubim; angels of divine love and wisdom

Join us on Wednesday, Nov 7th at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT  for a very special Special Teleclass Experience to prepare you to experience the blessings of 11-11-11

You will receive and experience:

– An in-depth understanding of this Divine number and the Trinity Blessing it is bringing you

How to bring the blessings of the 11th Ray of God into your life to help you with your Divine Purpose.

– A guided meditation with Archangel Perpetiel, guardian of the 11th Ray of God

– An attunement with the Christ Mastery Vibration


PLUS, Rev. Jayne and Rev. Frances ALWAYS receive “Divine Downloads” before these events to share with all participants!

The fee is $44 and includes the mp3 recording.



Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman is the author of Commune with the Angels, Driving Under the Influence of Angels and Angels By My Side. She is the founder of Be An Angel Day, celebrated annually on August 22nd. Jayne is an ordained interfaith minister, Reiki Master and curator of Angel Heights Healing Arts Center. Jayne maintains a private spiritual life coaching and counseling practice offering telephone and in-person consultations. 


Rev. Frances Fayden is and Interfaith Minister and the author of Meditation is Friendship with God and How to Recognize God. She is the founder of the Community of Mary, an online spiritual community whose goal is to “make the love and guidance of Mother Mary available to everyone.” In 2012, Frances had a profound encounter with Mother Mary, which changed the direction of her life and awakened her life purpose. Frances now dedicates her work to helping clients around the world connect with Mother Mary to heal their relationships and live their purpose.