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I am so grateful to be celebrating my 100th episode with you today! And to make it extra special, I asked one of my clients, Emma Stratton, to share her own true story of experiencing a $10,000 Miracle!

Today’s episode is part three of our four-part Money Miracle series. Even though I am a big fan of sharing books with you, there is nothing that can compare with hearing someone share their own life experience, especially when it comes to Money Miracles!

Let me introduce you to Emma Stratton: Emma is a leading expert in messaging and positioning for B2B tech companies. She is the Founder and Chief Strategist at Punchy, and she created the Meaningful Message approach to help founders and CEOs translate their visionary technology into a simple, compelling story that resonates with customers. Emma is passionate about new ideas that move the world in the right direction – that’s why she founded Punchy. She’s also an award-winning copywriter, an avid runner and a rather impatient dreamer.

NOTE: I must warn you that your subconscious mind is going to kick into high gear while listening to Emma share how she manifested $10,000 quite miraculously…it will urge you to minimize what you’re hearing, telling you she is so different than you (younger, older, smarter, etc.), trying to talk you out of believing that YOU can experience a money miracle too. DO NOT LISTEN to that negative voice. Instead, listen for how you are just like Emma, because you ARE.

In this episode, Emma shares her story of how frustrating it was trying to apply the Law of Attraction and not seeing the results she wanted. She also shares how she went from ‘working really hard’ to honoring how she was wired for success, and the miraculous way she manifested $10,000!

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“My goal was to grow my business in alignment with my soul’s purpose. Frances showed me how my energy was wired for success, and it wasn’t through hard work. As I allowed myself to show up authentically, everything began to flow…including an unexpected $10,000.!” – Emma Stratton, founder of

Key Learnings:

1) If you are trying unsuccessfully to apply the Law of Attraction, chances are you are wired differently than the person who wrote the book you are reading. You need to discover how your own soul is wired for success.

2) Once you realize how you are wired for success, you can apply it to your personal life as well as your business. It’s all energy!

3) Money is energy, and as you change your energy, your experience of money must change as well.

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