Mother Mary Intuitive Reading

Mother Mary Reading

Do you long to feel the presence of the Divine in your life?

Do you feel a special connection with Mother Mary or the Divine Feminine?

Are you in need of healing about your relationship with your mother?

This is the reading for you! Sometimes you just want to feel the unconditional love that only the Divine Mother can give. This reading can be focused on any topic you wish, but all the information will be coming from Mother Mary, I’m just her translator.

Mother Mary has asked me to make this service available. I’m not channeling her, as I am fully awake and present, but she will be giving me messages to give to you, messages only She could know.

It’s not easy to describe the benefits of this type of reading, so here is an image that truly conveys the benefit! It will make you feel like this!

To inquire about availability and fees, contact me