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New Teleseries – Healing the 7 Toxic Emotions with Mother Mary

Have you ever heard of the "7 Deadly Sins?"


They are:


- Anger

- Greed

- Lust

- Sloth

- Envy

- Gluttony

- Pride


Notice anything about these "sins?"


What jumps out at me is that these are emotional states, not "sins." So why are these emotional states deemed "deadly?"


The late Ron Roth said that any negative emotion, if experienced enough, takes on a life of its own. Have you ever been "overcome with rage" or seen someone you know become a completely different person when their pride is injured? THAT'S an example of an "emotional entity" taking over.


Here is a COOL fact: each one of these toxic emotions corresponds to a Chakra!


AND there is a way to heal these toxic emotions!


In his book Illumination, Alberto Villoldo, modern-day Shaman, reveals that each one of these emotional states results from being "stuck" in a stage of development and that "rites of passage" or healing rituals can heal them.

For example, if you were born into a family that didn't welcome you, you will be vulnerable to anger.


He also reveals which emotions heal the toxic ones. If toxic emotions are seen as "demons" than these emotions are "Angels."


Anger - healed by Peace

Greed - healed by Generosity

Lust - healed by Purity of Intent

Sloth - healed by Courage and Effort

Envy - healed by Compassion for Oneself and others

Gluttony - healed by Temperance

Pride - healed by Humility


Many of the problems in the world today are caused by these toxic emotions. We see it in other countries, in our own country, and in ourselves. Working to heal these emotions within ourselves is the best place to begin to heal the world.


To help you do this, Mother Mary has asked me to create an 8 week Teleseries, in which you will explore the 7 toxic emotions and participate in a healing ritual / rite of passage to embody the Healing Emotions.


It's called Healing the 7 Toxic Emotions with Mother Mary and the Angels of Healing and it begins Tuesday, Sept 30th to Nov 18th at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT.


Here is what you will experience:


- Weekly teleclass to explore the toxic emotion, which chakra it is related to and why it manifests for you

- Guided meditation with Mother Mary and the Angels of Healing to restore you to your original emotional state before this wound occurred


- Group support via the teleclasses and a private Facebook group so you can connect with others who are going through similar challenges and celebrate your healing


- Unlimited email access to me during the program to help you during each week so you don't get "stuck"


- mp3 recordings of each teleclass, so even if you can't be live on the call, you can still receive the benefits. Plus, listening to the recording over again helps you go deeper in your healing process.


As anyone who has ever done a program with me, Mother Mary and the Angelic Realm knows, I am guided as I go, in real time, depending upon who registers for the program. Heaven will arrange this course to be perfect for you when you register, so even if I didn't list a benefit you are looking for, I can guarantee that you will receive it anyway!


The tuition for an 8 week course is normally $249, but I am offering it to you for just $149.


Click Here to register


If you have any questions about this program, feel free to contact me.



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Storytelling as a Healing Path

Did you know that sharing your story with others is one of the most powerful and healing things you can do, for yourself and for others?
I believe this with all my heart and have witnessed it over and over again.
If you want to find out more about Storytelling as a Healing Path, check out the interview I did on the Writer's Divine Den Radio Show with host Jackie VanCampen.
You can hear the interview here:
Plus, if you ARE a writer, you will want to tune in to Jackie's show on a regular basis, as she interviews experts in the field of Spiritual Writing and Publishing!

I'd love to hear what YOU think about this topic of storytelling and healing? Let me know by leaving your comment below

9 Day Peace Prayer Novena with Mother Mary

One of the first laws of manifestation is that you must believe it to achieve it. This is especially true for world you believe it's possible?
Mother Mary has said it does no good to pray for peace while simultaneously believing it isn't possible. She has said that the whole world is currently hypnotized into thinking that peace isn't possible, especially in the Middle East.
This isn't so different than the whole world believing the world was flat, until someone dared to think and BELIEVE differently, and lo and behold, the world is no longer flat. In fact, it never was flat. Imagine that.

To help us break this state of hypnosis, the Community of Mary is sponsoring a  9 day "Peace is Possible" Prayer event! 

9 Days of Prayer is known as a Novena and this novena is not about praying FOR peace, but that peace is possible.

This is a FREE event and here is how it will work:

Each day, from Sunday, August 10th to Monday, August 18th, you will receive an email with the peace prayer to pray for that day. 

You can also participate live on the call with me AND Mother Mary as we say that prayer together. 
Each prayer call will happen at 12 noon ET/ 11 am CT/ 10 am MT/ 9 am PT
and will be about 15 min in duration.
If you can't be live on the call, just say the prayer for the day whenever you can that day.
The calls will be recorded and made available to all Community of Mary members. If you aren't a Community member yet, the first month of membership is FREE and you can join by clicking here. You will automatically be registered for this event.
August 10th is a FULL Moon and that week is a powerful one for Mother Mary, the week she transitioned from life on this plane to the next plane. She will be walking us through the "resurrection" energy of this week as we take this prayer journey with Her.
So to sum it up, there are two ways you can participate:
As a Community of Mary Member with access to the live calls, the daily peace prayer emails AND the mp3 recordings, click here
As a non-member with access to the live calls and the daily peace prayer emails,click here.

Whatever you decide, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell this to as many people as you can. It would be great to make this a global event for Mother Mary!



Healing Message Circle with Saints Cosmas and Damian, July 30th at 5 pm PT

Meet my grandmother!

Yes, this is my Italian Grandmother, who arrived in America "off the boat" in the early 1900s.
She was extremely religious, walked to 6 am Mass every morning and lived a deeply mystical life.
Yes, I am named after her and take after her in more ways than one, although when I was 8 that didn't seem like such a good thing!
One of the things my grandmother gave me was a deep love for the saints. 


Her favorite saints were Saints Cosmas and Damian. They are the patron saints of Rome and were renown for their amazing healing abilities. Being Italian, grandma referred to them as Cosmo and Damian, not the Greek Cosmas.

Although my grandmother is no longer in the body, I think of her often in July, as that is her birthday month. In the Orthodox calendar, July is also the month of the feast day of Saints Cosmas and Damian!


Interestingly enough, these saints are beloved in several countries that are now filled with strife: Syria, Egypt, Jerusalem and Mesopatamia (now Iraq). I doubt that it's a coincidence that they made their healing presence known to me at this time!


They were twin brothers who were also physicians and became martyrs circa 287 AD. After their death, many miraculous cures were credited to their intercession.

Because of their amazing Healing abilities, I thought I would honor them and my grandmother this month by offering a Healing Message Circle with Saints Cosmas and Damian on Weds, July 30th at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT.

This will be a group message circle focused on Healing of body, mind or spirit.

If you have been experiencing ANY type of healing challenge lately, this call is for you!

You don't have to be live on the call to participate, as everyone who registers will receive the mp3.

It's just $30 and you can click here to register.


Interfaith Peace Prayer Circle for the Holy Land

Ever since I can remember, there has always been some sort of conflict in the Middle East. When I asked Mother Mary about this, She told me that the conflict is NOT about the Middle East, but is in fact a war on the Holy Land itself. 
Think about it...If you were the force of evil, where would you focus your energy? On Canada? Or on the Holy Land, the place where people of three of the biggest religions in the world draw inspiration? Doesn't it make sense to draw people's attention away from the power and presence of God, which is tangibly felt in this land, and instead focus their attention on their differences?
Mother Mary asks us to forget about the politics that cloud the issue and recognize that this outer conflict is but a reflection of our own inner conflict, of light versus darkness, of the ego versus the Spirit.
So this Sunday, July 20th at 12 noon ET/ 9 AM PT I will be hosting a FREE Interfaith Peace Prayer Circle for the Holy Land with Mother Mary

Mother Mary wants you to know that YOU are the Holy Land and that the 'rebels' are hatred, fear, anger, bitterness, resentment, etc.

She will be guiding us through this Prayer Circle and will give us guidance on how to become greater channels of healing light, in our own lives and for the world.

So I invite you to join us this Sunday, July 20th at 12 noon ET/ 9 AM PT for the FREE Interfaith Peace Prayer Circle for the Holy Land with Mother Mary.

Everyone who registers will receive the mp3 recording.

Personal Message Circle with Ascended Master St. Germain

July 4th we celebrate Freedom, not just as a country, but as a way of life and, at a deeper level, as a Spiritual Truth!
Did you know that the Ascended Master St. Germain is one of the guardians of America? It is said that he helped inspire the writers of the Declaration of Independence as well as the Constitution.
Is it no wonder then that St. Germain's feast day is July 4th?
He is the Master of the  7th Ray of God, which is Freedom. It is also the Ray of Forgiveness and Transmutation.
Many people work with the color of the 7th Ray, the Violet Flame, to invoke the power of transmutation into their lives.


To honor this great Master, I am holding a very rare Personal Message Circle with Ascended Master St. Germain this Tuesday, July 1st at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT.

Everyone who registers will receive a PERSONAL Message from St. Germain.

It is St. Germain's great joy to help you move into greater FREEDOM in your own life. Any area of your life that you would like to transmute? He is the one who specializes in exactly that!

You do NOT need to be live on the call to receive a personal message. 

Everyone who registers will be included in the circle, as if you are live on the call, and receives a message, as well as the mp3 recording.
It's just $47 for this rare opportunity BUT SPACE IS LIMITED! Click Here to register

Healing Your Soul Contract

Do you have repeating patterns in your life, like always being there for others but no one is ever there for you? Or having "just enough" to get by, but never really thriving?


These types of patterns are frustrating, for sure, but they might be the result of a "soul contract" that you created. A "soul contract" is exactly what it sounds like; a deal you struck with the Universe which seemed like a good idea at the time, but isn't serving you anymore. 


What can you do, though? Contracts are binding, right?


Yes and No. Contracts are binding as long as both parties are in agreement, BUT all contracts with the Universe are NEGOTIABLE!!


Here are two examples of people negotiating with God: In the Bible, Abraham negotiates with God to save Sodom and Gomorrah if he can find 50 righteous men, and God agrees. He negotiates down to 10, to which God also agrees. Had he kept going and negotiated down to one good man, the story might have ended differently, but he stopped negotiating!


There is a similar story in Islam. God asks Mohammed to have his people pray 50 times a day. When Moses hears this he advises Mohammed to go back and renegotiate to a lesser amount. He does and is asked to have his people pray 10 times a day. Moses, who knows human nature, says this will be too much and gives the same advice to renegotiate. He does and comes back with an order to pray five times a day. Moses still thinks this isn't realistic for he followers, but Mohammed feels that he has already asked too much and agrees to the rule of praying five times a day. He also stopped negotiating!


In both of these stories it is we, not God, who stops the negotiation process! 


This means that you can ask God to renegotiate ANY contract active in your life right now!


Imagine being freed of contracts such as poor health, bad relationships, boring jobs and self-sacrifice...

And replacing them with contracts for

good health,

happy relationships, 

creative freedom...

How would that feel?

Amazing, perhaps?


To help you do this, I am facilitating a Workshop Teleclass called "Healing Your Soul Contract"  with both Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael on Weds, June 25th at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT.


In this workshop telelcass you will


- Identify the soul contract that is holding you back


- Rewrite the soul contract in a way that heals this pattern for good


- Learn how to use this process over and over again anytime you notice a limiting pattern in your life


Archangel Raphael, angel of Healing, and Mother Mary will be guiding us through this process and showing us how to apply this healing tool to any area of our lives.


Everyone who registers will receive the mp3 recording!


It's just $30 and you can click here to register

Free Teleclass – The Secret to Spiritual Mastery

My Truth Moment:


The day after I facilitated the Peace Prayer Circle for the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, I saw a video on the news of the guy who is taking "credit" for the kidnapping. He said that "Allah told me to take the girls and to sell them and that is what I am going to do."


This made my blood boil!!


If there is one thing that can get me riled up it's when people think that God has guided them to do something horrendous. I've seen this with misguided people of every religion, so I know it's not specific to any one path...but it stopped me in my tracks and made me declare "ENOUGH!!"


One thing I've always said is that your anger is connected to your Life Purpose, and this certainly is the case for me. Over the years I have cringed as Presidents invaded countries because "God told them to,"ministers burn books (like the Koran) because "God told them to," 10 year old girls are married to adult men and are then abused because someone said that is God's way....on and on and on.


I thought "What can I do? I'm just one person."


Well, I figured out what I can do, and I am going to do it. 


I am completely committing myself and my business/ministry to helping you have a direct, personal and intimate relationship with God.


THAT's what Sacred Living is, living with an ever-increasing awareness of the Presence of God. 


Even though I've called myself  "your sacred living mentor," I never really owned what sacred living is. Because the "crazy people" hijacked God, I was afraid of being associated with them if I talked about God.


Yet, God is at the heart of everything I believe and know to be true. I've seen New Age teachers leave God out when they teach intuition development or healing techniques for the same reason; they don't want to offend anyone. But the truth is that you will only get so far, as a healer, intuitive or even as a creative person, without a healthy relationship with God/Source/Creator/Universe...doesn't matter to me what you call the Great I AM.


Your relationship with God is at the core of EVERYTHING, every issue in your life, so if I am here to help you, this is the most important thing I can offer you.


To get started in this direction I am inviting you to attend a FREE Teleclass on Tuesday, May 20th at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT called "The Secret of Spiritual Mastery."


In this teleclass you will learn:


- How Moses, Jesus and the Buddha all developed personal relationships with the Divine and how you can too


- Why some healers, like John of God, are really effective, and others are not


- How Mozart was able to "channel" his compositions and other secrets for creative people


- The Ancient teaching that brings you health, wealth and happiness


and much more!


As I said, it is completely FREE and you will receive an mp3 recording as well


Click Here to register


Peace Prayer Circle to Help Nigerian Schoolgirls this Sunday May 11th

If you've been watching the news, you know that 230 schoolgirls in Nigeria were kidnapped last month. The last I read, the government of Nigeria approved of this action and have not been receiving very much international pressure to free the girls.
As you can imagine, this does not sit well with me or with Mother Mary!
To help shift this energy, as well as other strange energy on the planet, I am hosting a FREE Interfaith Peace Prayer Circle THIS SUNDAY, May 11th at 12 noon ET/ 9 am PT.
I know this is Mother's Day, and you may not be able to be live on the call, but please register and listen to the mp3 when you can. Your energy DOES make a difference!

This event is usually 30 to 45 minutes and includes a guided meditation with Mother Mary.

As this is Mother's Day, Mother Mary assures me that we will also be doing some work to honor you as a mom, if you are one, your own mom, and the energy of Motherhood as a Divine calling.

PLEASE tell anyone you know who might be interested in participating, as we are so much stronger when we are united!

Again, if you can't be live, you will still receive the mp3 recording, so please click here to register.