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Cosmic Cross Teleseries with Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel

Why April is Important…

If you haven’t yet heard, there are going to be some very unique astrological events in April. The two big ones are the complete Lunar Eclipse on April 15th and the Cardinal Grand Cross on the 22nd.
I’m not a professional astrologer, so I can’t tell you what that means for you personally. You would need to contact an astrologer and see how these aspects affect your personal natal chart. (I recommend contacting Jayne Howard Feldman to understand your personal chart. Her email is
BUT I CAN tell you what the Angels have been telling me about how this will affect ALL of us.
Grand CrossFirst of all, the Cardinal Grand Cross looks like this in the sky. It occurs when 4 planets are 90 degrees apart in the sky.
This is a cardinal grand cross because each of the four planets are in cardinal signs.
The “Cardinal” Signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
Those astrological signs are “Cardinal” signs, which means they initiate action.  Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn people tend to be natural leaders and easily take initiative on things.
This big cross in the sky is activating ALL of us to begin taking action in 4 Key areas and own our leadership abilities!!
Here is the breakdown and how to work with them:

Uranus/Aries (self identity) – Are you being true to yourself? Do you feel authentic? Call on Archangel Michael, Guardian of the First Ray of God to help activate and guide your “I AM” presence. 

Mars/Libra (relationships) – Are your relationships balanced and healthy or draining? Do you need to make changes here? Call on Archangel Raphael, Guardian of the Fifth Ray of God to stand in your power with others.

Jupiter/Cancer (home life & nurturing) – Is your home a place of rejuvenation or stress? Are you nurturing yourself or neglecting yourself? Call on Archangel Gabriel, Guardian of the Fourth Ray of God to expand your ability to love yourself.

Pluto/ Capricorn (work) – Is your career a source of joy or just something you do for money? Are you where you would like to be in your career? Call on Archangel Uriel, Guardian of the Sixth Ray of God, the ray of Service, to help you leverage the energy of the month and transform your career!

Our beloved Angel friends are always available to help us, but this month is especially important to ask them to do so. No one knows for sure what will happen, but you will probably begin feeling the energy building beginning on April 3rd.

Common sense also says: get enough rest, walk outside, pray, meditate, drink water and take really good care of yourself. You may find yourself feeling more emotional than usual. Give yourself breathing space and lots of compassion.

And if you want some help going even deeper with the Angels, you can still register for the Cosmic Cross Teleseries with Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel, which begins on Thursday, April 3rd at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT.  

Week 1 is with Michael and Self-identity

Week 2 is with Gabriel and Home and Nurturing 

Week 3 is with Raphael and Relationships

Week 4 is with Uriel and Career

 It’s just $97 and includes and mp3 recording of each week. You don’t have to be live on the call to participate!   Click here to register 



How to increase your connection to the Divine

If you want to know how to increase your connection to the Divine/Universe/God or whatever you believe in, catch me this Thursday, February 20th at 6 pm PT on Soul Signal Radio.

I will be a guest on Leta Hamilton’s “The Daily Message Show” and we will be talking about all things Sacred and Spiritual.

To listen live go to or call (646) 716-9054

Hope you can tune in!

Staying Centered this Holiday Season

Do you find it difficult to stay centered during the holiday season?

November and December are usually jam-packed with holiday planning, shopping, parties, cooking and preparing for out of town visitors. Somehow, with all the hustle and bustle, we can lose focus. What is this season about anyway?

No matter what spiritual path you follow, there is a common theme: gratitude and celebrating the Light.

If you are Christian, the Light is Jesus. If you are Jewish, you celebrate the Light in the miraculous Hanukkah story. If you are pagan or earth-centered in your faith, you celebrate the solstice and the return of the sun. But the Light we are celebrating is really within us. Each one of us has that spark of God within and during the darkest time of the year, we stop to honor it.

Or at least that is what is supposed to be happening.

This year I have three events planned to help you do just that!

Before you get too busy, check out these events with Mother Mary. Who else can guide you through the holiday season better than Her?

Join us on Weds, Dec 4th at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT for the Community Sacred Message Circle with Mother Mary.”  She will be giving us the theme for the month, as well as Her own unique perspective on the holiday season.

The last Interfaith Peace Prayer Circle for 2013 happens on Sunday, Dec 8th at 12 noon ET/ 9 am PT. This is a FREE event and all are welcome.

And if you want a PERSONAL Message from Mother Mary, click here to register for the Personal Message Circle with Our Lady of Guadalupe on Thursday, Dec 12th at 9 pm ET/ 6 pm PT.

Remember, if you don’t honor your spirit during the holy-days, when will you?

Personal Message Circle with St. Jude, Patron Saint of Hopeless Cases

People often turn to St. Jude when faced with a disease that is considered "incurable" or "hopeless."

His intercession often proves that "with God all things are possible" and that there is no such thing as a "hopeless case."

Whether you are dealing with a health issue, family problem or any other life situation that you feel is "hopeless" St. Jude can help you!

His feast day is October 28th, so this coming Monday, October 28, 2013, I am hosting a  PERSONAL Message Circle with St. Jude where YOU will be able to submit a question and receive an answer LIVE on the call (if you can't be live on the call, you can still submit a question and receive a message).

The cost is just $47 and includes an mp3 and/or CD of the call! Click Here to Register!

Space is limited to just 12 participants, so don't wait!

Interfaith Peace Prayer Circle with Mother Mary – Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Last month’s prayer circle for Syria was so successful that we are going to do it again on Sunday, October 6th, 2013 at 9 am PT.

This is a FREE event and Mother Mary will be guiding us through the process, just as She did in September.

Please feel free to pass this information on to anyone you know…the more the better!

Click Here to register!

Interfaith Peace Prayer Circle for Syria

Last week in the Mother Mary Mentoring Program group call, Mother Mary gave us an assignment to pray for Syria and Egypt everyday this month. She asked us to pray in a very specific way, and not just for Syria, but for all the leaders in the world, that they may be guided by love and wisdom. 
I KNOW this is working already, as President Obama is seeking congressional approval before taking military action and breaking with the recent trend of acting without approval. This means that YOU and I have the power to influence what happens!!
Now She is asking YOU to join us!  
As this day is Her birthday, of course I agreed!
If you have any doubt about Mother Mary's ability to influence worldly affairs, remember this story about Mother Teresa during the conflict between Israel and the PLO in 1982: 
"Beirut was under siege. Mother Teresa felt that she wanted to get to West Beirut to see to the needs of the people there. She asked to see the American ambassador to see if he could help her to get across and he said, 'Mother, you hear the shells?' And she said, 'Yes, I hear them.' He said, 'You know, it is absolutely impossible for you to cross at this present time. We will have to have a cease fire first.' And she said, 'Oh, but I have been praying to Our Lady and I have asked her to let us have a cease fire here tomorrow, the day before her Feast Day.' 

Ambassador Habib looked at Mother Teresa and said, 'Mother, I am very glad you are on my side-that you are a woman of prayer. He said, I believe in prayer and I believe that prayer is answered and I am a man of faith. But he said, 'You are asking Our Lady to deal with Prime Minister Begin and don't you think the time limit is a little short-that you should extend it a little?' She quite seriously said, 'Oh, no, Mr. Habib, I am certain we will have the cease fire tomorrow.' And he said, 'If we have the cease fire, I personally will make arrangements to see that you go to West Beirut tomorrow.'"
Of course the cease fire happened, and Mother Teresa was able to enter the area and tend to the wounded and trapped.
And that was with just one person praying...imagine if we ALL prayed together??
world is family
As this T-Shirt says, the whole world is family. That means that every war is a civil war...there is no such thing as a "foreign conflict" anymore. We are all in this together and we must pray for the well-being of all our brothers and sisters, known and unknown.
As I said, the event is free and everyone is invited
You will also receive an mp3 recording of this event so you can use it as often as you like.


Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Did you know that you were born with spiritual gifts? They are already present inside you, waiting to be discovered in your chakra system. Most people don’t know they are there…but they are, and knowing what they are and how to use them can make a HUGE difference in your life!

Uncovering them can take a lot of time, energy and money. You can research and compare theories…or you can just go right to the source…YOU!

Most people have a hard time reading their own energy to discover these answers, that’s why I created a program to help you uncover your spiritual gifts quickly and easily! It’s called the “Discover Your Spiritual Gifts 21 Day Mentoring Program.”

Though you have numerous spiritual gifts, we will focus on three: Your Personal Spiritual Empowerment Tool, Your Money Gift and Your Healing Gift.

Your Personal Spiritual Empowerment Tool is how you connect with Spirit most naturally and easily. Knowing this will help you leverage your gift and stop wasting time trying ways that just aren’t as effective for you.

Your Money gift is your personal way of creating wealth. NOTE: you may also have a “money block” that is stopping you, and we will discover that as well!

Your Personal Healing gift is the way you serve as a blessing to others. Whether you want to be an official healer or not, you are already endowed with a special way of blessing others that is unique to you!

Each week we meet we will be joined by Divine Helpers, such as Mother Mary, Archangel Michael and Padre Pio.

If you would like to find out more and to register, click here.

Sacred Living Telesummit July 11 & 12th 2013!

Could your life use some "Divine Intervention?"
Is your soul searching for meaning and spiritual connection?
Are you looking for simple, practical ways to bring the Sacred into daily life?

Join me on Thursday July 11th and Friday, July 12th for the first annual Sacred Living Telesummit!! 

I have gathered together spiritual leaders, best-selling authors and industry experts to share their own real-life experiences of what works (and what doesn't) with YOU!

These amazing guests will cover every area of your life, from eating to money to meditation...and even how you start your day...and how to infuse it with the power of the Sacred!!
Here are our amazing experts and their topics:

Thursday, July 11
Hal Elrod 
10:00 AM PT
Hal Elrod - "Sacred Sunrise- How to start your day with "The Miracle Morning"


Deepa Liu 
 12:00 PM PT
Deepa Liu - "Sacred Communication: Prayer and Meditation to Awaken Divine Joy"


Anne Deidre 
 3:00 pm PT
Anne Deidre - "Sacred Creativity: How to Infuse Your Life with the Power of the Divine"

Paul Funfsinn 
6:00 PM PT
Rev. Paul Funfsinn - "Sacred Travel: Going on Vacation with God"
Friday, July 12 
Dr. Deanna Minich
12:00 PM PT 
Dr. Deanna Minich - "Sacred Meals: Bringing the Divine Feminine to Dinner"
 Cyndi Dale
3:00 PM PT
Cyndi Dale- "Sacred Money- Infusing Your Cash with Divine Consciousness"


Frances Fayden 
 6:00 PM PT
Rev. Frances Fayden- "Sacred Friendship: How to become God's friend through the Saints and Archangels"


When you register you will also have INSTANT ACCESS to over $200 worth of gifts generously donated by our guests!

For the price of just one teleclass, $47, you can attend all 7 telesummit presentations!

Live participants have the chance to ask a question and  if you can't be live... 

Everyone who registers will have access to ALL the recordings on mp3 AND...CD!! 

Yes, this beautiful CD set of all 7 guest experts is INCLUDED when you register!! ($97 Value!)

Telesummit CD image

                        Click Here to register!


Abundant Blessings,


Frances Fayden
Your Sacred Living Mentor

Mother Mary Mentoring Program!!

May is the month of miracles!! Mother Mary has asked me to share a special program with you called the Mother Mary Mentoring Program. It would be a long article to write, so I created a short video to give you all the details!

Here it is!



As you can see, this is a very unique opportunity, but there are a limited number of spaces available...and it's already half full!!

So give me a call ASAP at 760-642-2426 or email to reserve your spot. You must register THIS MONTH to participate in this program.

joyful blessings,


Lessons from losing my best friend…

If you’ve ever lost someone close to you, you know it can act as a catalyst in your life. That is what happened to me recently.
On January 19th, 2013 my best friend, Jana Carrington, passed away. She had turned 52 only two days before. It was not unexpected, as Jana was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 and had a recurrance last year. It was a slow decline, and painful for me to watch.
Even though you may not have met Jana, you have been touched by her through me. She was my Reiki Master, my Al-anon sponsor, my teacher, friend, spiritual confidant and the first person to recognize my special connection with Mother Mary.
Her passing has caused me to reflect on my own life, and I have learned a couple of things from her dying process that I want to share with you.
In March of last year, she was sent home from the hospital with no hope from her doctors in Florida. She and her husband decided to seek treatment in Germany, which turned out to be very successful. (Jana ended up passing with no cancer in her body – it was the years of treatment that ultimately killed her.) When I found out where she was in Germany, I urged her to take a trip to the monastery of Hildegard of Bingen, only 90 minutes away. She did.

Jana had a profound experience with St. Hildegard in the chapel that she shared with me and that I will share with you. The statue of Hildegard came to life and spoke to Jana. She told Jana that she was hiding her gift of being a healer by only calling herself a Massage Therapist. Jana told me that she was finally ready to “come out” of the closet and own her true purpose as a healer.
My heart sank when I heard her say this, as I knew intuitively that it was probably too late for her to do anything about that, in this lifetime anyway.
But that event in her life, having a healing encounter with Hildegard of Bingen and claiming her Sacred Life Purpose has put a fire in my own soul unlike anything I have ever had before. It has made me realize these two things:
1) Working with the Mother Mary, the Saints and other Divine Beings is REAL and VERY powerful and that MY Sacred Life Purpose is to make this type of experience available to the world in any and every way I can!
2) That Finding and LIVING your Sacred Life Purpose is CRUCIAL to having a Happy and HEALTHY Life! Suppressing your Life Purpose uses your ENERGY, energy that could be used in healing your body, mind or any area of your life!
I might not be able to help Jana fulfill her purpose, but I can fulfill my own AND I can help YOU fulfill yours, and here is how I’m going to do that:
- I am creating an online Spiritual Community dedicated to Mother Mary and the Saints. This will help those who feel like “spiritual misfits” to connect with each other and to have access to the teleclasses and other resources I will make available. Stay tuned for more on this, as I am working on it as we speak!
- I am focusing on helping Holistic Healers, Spiritual Artists and Modern Mystics to find and live their Sacred Life Purpose, as I truly believe these people are the ones who will heal the world.
- I am going to create ways to support you in achieving YOUR dreams, such as holding “virtual barn-raisings” to give you the opportunity to speak your dream out loud and have your community help you make it happen!
These are just a few of the ideas that I have been working on. I’m sure more is also on the way.
One of the things I am looking to do to reach more people is to speak or present at other churches or spiritual centers. I can do this in person or via telclasses. If you belong to a new thought church or spiritual community and think they might benefit from my work, please let me know. I would truly appreciate it!
Please remember… Life is precious, time is fleeting, your purpose is waiting for you…
Is Your Purpose in Your Chakras?
Watch Now! to find out...

Upcoming Events

NEW Teleseries!
Sacred Lent: The Healing Path
of Surrender

 Wednesday, Mar 5th- April 16th
8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT

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